Dragon Age Hungry Deserter


The Hungry Deserter

Near the infirmary in Ostagar, there is a set of suspended cages. Inside one is a prisoner, with a guard standing close by. Talking to the prisoner before going into the Korcari Wilds triggers along side it quest The Hungry Deserter.


The prisoner will beg for sustenance and water and can clarify that the nearby shield has some. If Alistair has actually formerly been found and is within the celebration whenever speaking with the prisoner, then this quest can affect his Approval. Alternatively, the quest may be finished before speaking with Alistair to prevent any effect on approval.

The Warden can then:

  • Destroy the prisoner without requesting any more details, creating Alistair disapproves (-5) .
  • Assist the prisoner without asking for any longer details, producing Alistair approves (+2) .
  • Ask the reason why the prisoner is locked-up.
  • Ask why the party should help.

The prisoner will offer you the Key to Mages' Chest in return for assistance and describe he took it from a mage within the camp through getting him intoxicated, and ended up being later caught wandering across the camp at night and locked up because was believed he was wanting to desert. He swallowed the main element, and it has since "come-back into his possession."

To get the water and food from shield, The Warden can:

  • Choose the water and food for 10.
  • Obtain sustenance and water through the guard, creating Alistair approves (+1) .
  • Kill the prisoner, producing Alistair disapproves (-5) and netting 100XP.
  • Steal one of the keys through the prisoner.

The key starts the upper body because of the Magi Encampment, beside the tranquil mage. It can not be made use of until returning to Ostagar after doing the Tainted bloodstream therefore the Grey Wardens' Cache quests in the Korcari Wilds. At that point, the tranquil mage could have moved: before this, trying to start the chest will only prompt him to object.

In the event that secret isn't made use of before entering the Tower of Ishal, the pursuit are marked as complete. However, one of the keys can still be applied throughout the Return to Ostagar DLC, if the upper body will retain the Corrupted Magister's Staff aside from the loot offered throughout the primary quest. If the secret can be used within this quest, it won't be feasible to open up the Mages' Chest or have the Corrupted Magister's Staff during go back to Ostagar.

Note: If the Key into Mages' Chest is certainly not obtained as an element of this quest, either because The Warden never ever talked into the prisoner, or because Warden fed the prisoner before finding-out towards secret, then your secret could be looted from prisoner's corpse during come back to Ostagar.

Crucial to Mages' ChestKey
an ornate input questionable condition. Oddly enough, it's some hot...

Loot from Mages' Chest:

Acolyte's StaffStaff
Iron (Tier 1)
Requires: 16 miracle

Damage: 4.00 (Bodily)
Armor penetration: 20.00
+2 spellpower

Apprentice CowlCloth helmet
Enchanter's Arming CapCloth helmet
Simple and easy effective, though definitely not standard equipment. Set aside for significant Circle of Magi operations under full guidance regarding the Chantry, much because they are conscious.

+1 willpower
+10 mental opposition

These easy cup pots can hold numerous substances, even unstable ones.
wellness PoulticeHerbalism
A skilled herbalist features rendered multiple medicinal components into this relaxing, restorative compound.
cheaper Injury KitHerbalism
a system containing bandages along with other healing aids.
Lesser Spirit BalmHerbalism
This balm has a relaxing effect on your brain.

+30% character opposition for 180 seconds.

x 2 Money
Gold Silver Bronze
Requires: Inventory

If Mages' Chest is looted during come back to Ostagar:

Corrupted Magister's StaffStaff
Red Metal (Level 5)
Requires: 30 secret

Damage: 5.60 (Bodily)
Armor penetration: 32.00
+5 spellpower
+15% spirit damage
Feasible paralysis (10percent)

  • Remember that in the event that key is employed prior to the Battle of Ostagar, then there's no way to search for the Corrupted Magister's team during . If you would like resolve the quest also manage to return later, this mod often helps.
  • Unless you speak with the guard, but rather steal the foodstuff and liquid from him and give it toward prisoner, then when you communicate with the guard he can say, "you've got the food and water! Now off to you!"
  • If you should be past an acceptable limit out of the Prisoner (example. standing by the shield), often the prisoner can't be interacted with, even though the cursor shows him as clickable. Make sure to get correct next to the cage to be able to connect to him.

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