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Dragon Age King Cailan

“I cannot watch for that marvelous minute! The Gray Wardens struggle next to the king of Ferelden to stem the wave of bad!”


Cailan Theirin

Cailan Theirin (created 9:05 Dragon), son of King Maric Theirin and Queen Rowan Guerrin, became the King of Ferelden after the unexpected disappearance of his daddy in 9:25 Dragon. Through the opening stages regarding the Fifth Blight in 9:30, he has got been sitting regarding throne for 5 years, alongside his spouse Queen Anora Mac Tir, daughter of this hero Loghain Mac Tir.


Cailan was created around 9:05 Dragon. His mama showed great curiosity about publications, and Cailan inherited this. He enjoyed hearing heroic stories as a kid, especially those describing his father's rise to energy. His mommy, Rowan, died when he had been still a boy in 9:08 Dragon, as well as the youthful prince existed a lonely youth.

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However, at some time he became conscious that Alistair was King Maric's bastard son, and thus his half-brother. Despite the fact that they just previously found when as kids, Cailan stayed informed about his life and knew sufficient about Alistair to provide Anora a feeling of their personality.

Cailan wasn't raised by his dad alone. Loghain aided raise him and aided to organize his wedding to Anora, while they grew up collectively. He was explained in those days as always after her lead, and being thoroughly under the woman flash. While Anora eventually expanded fond of Cailan's charms, he was perhaps not above committing some indiscretions along with other women during their relationship. Cailan never found himself greatly tangled up in Ferelden's politics, and appeared satisfied about Anora dealing with the administrative areas of federal government, as with his mind, a genuine master's duty would be to unite his individuals against a standard adversary.

While many folks looked at Cailan as silly and a child playing at being a master, Cailan was also viewed as an ethical and idealistic master, willing to make alliances with previous enemies for great of Ferelden. He had been additionally near to their men, while he would occasionally hang around and speak to them. Besides, he insisted he fight alongside their causes while the Grey Wardens through the Battle of Ostagar, regardless of the great danger this will place him in. Cailan is more smart than he appears, however, and was even in talks with Empress Celene to create a permanent alliance between Fereldan and Orlais.


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Rather than worrying within increasing quantity of darkspawn, Cailan embraced it as the opportunity to forge a legend of their own, by battling alongside the famous gray Wardens at Ostagar. He was so determined to emerge victorious he invited Orlesian soldiers to Ferelden, although the world had only already been clear of their particular guideline for thirty years. If the fight began, Cailan insisted on fighting on the front-lines, disregarding guidance toward contrary. When Loghain pulled their troops through the battlefield, Cailan and nearly all regarding the gray Wardens endured overwhelmed by the darkspawn. He was fundamentally killed by an ogre, regardless of the gray Warden Duncan's most useful attempts to truly save him.

In DLC, Cailan's human body can be found in a virtually crucified place with several injuries and without his armor on a single bridge your Warden and Alistair crossed to achieve the Tower of Ishal. When all his equipment is found the Warden may go back to his body and give him a proper send-off by burning their body on a pyre, leaving him into wolves, or leaving his body to the darkspawn.

  • "permit me to function as first to welcome you to definitely Ostagar. The Wardens will benefit considerably to you inside their ranks."
  • "Our arguments with all the Orlesians tend to be anything of history, and you will bear in mind that is master!"
  • "an adequate amount of your conspiracy concepts, Loghain! Gray Wardens struggle the Blight, wherever they truly are from!"

“We will have your pet dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one out of the party.” — Morrigan
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  • As soon as Alistair shows at Redcliffe that he is Cailan's half-brother (the result of King Maric's affair with the gray Warden Fiona), the real similarities between them becomes instead apparent, with Cailan bearing a bit more similarity to their dad. The two have comparable personalities, becoming considered foolish or childish by other people, despite their good brands. A major difference between the two is the fact that while Alistair admits to not wanting the obligation of being master, Cailan appears to experience it plus definitely seeks fame. This is apparently a thing that Alistair finds irritating, judging by the feelings he expresses about Cailan's battle program at Ostagar.
  • Elric Maraigne, one of Cailan's Honour Guard, believes that Cailan understood the Battle of Ostagar is lost-which straight contradicts his outwardly confident behavior. It is possible that Cailan knew showing any concern the outcome of the fight could adversely impact morale and additional reduce their particular odds of triumph.
  • Despite Alistair being a half-brother born off an event, Cailan held him in large respect, phoning him among the best gray Wardens. But Cailan had him opt for the Warden to light the fire as he could have assisted the King in battle, although should the conjecture about Cailan's familiarity with the outcome of struggle be real, it might have merely been an attempt to keep Alistair safe.
  • David Gaider verified in an interview that Cailan was, without a doubt, about to keep Anora for Empress Celene as a result of Anora's supposed sterility. The subplot, however, got taken off the script and just later on referenced inturn to Ostagar because of the key friend's celebration banter.

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