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Dragon Age Origins Experience

You can find four difficulty configurations for : everyday, regular, complex, and Nightmare. Trouble settings alter a variety of aspects including opponent AI, opponent resistances, and friendly fire, but cannot raise the level of XP attained. The game is tuned to be played at the Hard setting from the view of a veteran player, meaning that at this setting neither the player's party nor the enemies have special bonuses or limitations.

The problem setting can be changed anytime and will straight away impact the current circumstance. Limits or restrictions in AI include prioritization of capabilities, objectives, group strategies, etc. They don't really change adversary stats like hitpoints, for instance.

Difficulty Casual Regular Tough Nightmare
Friendly fire (PC) None 50% 100per cent
Friendly fire (PS3/Xbox 360)
Combat extra 20
Defense extra
Damage extra
Curing effects multiplier 1.5 0.85
Damage limit 16
Enemy resist extra -10% 1.5per cent 2.5per cent 5per cent
Athlete resist bonus 10percent 0per cent
Potion cap 12
Trap harm multiplier 0.5 1.0 1.25 1.50
Remarks Simple AI Moderate AI Comprehensive AI

Friendly fire

Specific means may affect the caster's allies with their side effects if the caster cannot always stay away from that. The player's party the strength of the effect is associated with the problem setting. For enemies this has maybe not been reported, other than that they will have friendly fire on regular difficulty. Spells that are susceptible to friendly fire usually manifest physical results, while spells with character or emotional results are expected becoming totally managed by the caster therefore have no undesirable outcomes.

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