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Dragon Age 2 enasalin

Inquisitor: just how do you turned out to be here?
Mihris: I was - Am - firstly Clan Virnehn. I left operating of my clan and saw that great tear within the Veil back at my trip. I know a lot more of secret therefore the Veil than any shemlen, and so I hoped to assist.
Solas: Ma harel, da’len.
Mihris: (shaken) I… we ought to keep moving.

Later, after activating the Elven Artifact:

Mihris: Well, which should show helpful. And it appears the forefathers left something for me personally too. Interesting. I believe our alliance is concluded. Enter comfort, stranger.
Ma halani, ma glandival. Vir enasalin.
Mihris: I… perhaps you’re right. Right Here. Take it.

Interpretation time. This will enter into some spoiler territory for the novel Masked Empire.

Ma harel, da’len.

There clearly was a well known translation that is floating around stating that this implies “fear me, child”. Honestly, I don’t understand the reason why. It creates no good sense in this context. To her, he’s nothing but a-flat ear whom she virtually JUST met. There's no basis for him to jeopardize the lady, nor does she have any explanation to respond fearfully.

The wiki states that harel implies a thing that causes concern, however when you look at the cited origin within realm of Thedas vol 1, “harel” is converted as “to trick or deceive”. I do believe the confusion has ended the interpretation of Fen’Harel into Dread Wolf… which, realistically must be similar to “Trickster Wolf” or “Deceiving Wolf”…. while you are taking it to it's root term, it ought to be “Rebel Wolf”… but that is another entire can of worms. I’ll stick to the canon translation - harel methods to deceive.

Ma often means “you/your” or “me/my” with respect to the framework. (ex. Ma nuvenin - your wish/as you wish; Ma vhenan - my heart; Ma halani - assist me).

He’s maybe not saying “fear me”. He’s saying “you’re lying”.

She actually is no longer the First of Clan Virnehn and she didn't keep all of them easily. Her clan ended up being massacred. Solas either knows this or can feel that she's not informing the reality (more on that later). She is shaken because she ended up being simply caught in a lie and is redirecting the conversation away from the topic.

Ma halani, ma glandival. Vir enasalin.

This 1 is less simple. Glandival just seems here as well as in the ancient Elvhen poem in WoT vol 2 (pg 201):

Ir tel’ena glandival, vir amin tel’hanin.
Once we could not think, we destroyed glory to war.

Ir (very/more/I/i'm) tel’ena (not appear/emerge/show the way to)… therefore possibly glandival suggests belief/faith.

“Ma halani, ma glandival” could be something similar to “help me, your faith/belief”. Phrased differently, it may imply either “help myself, in good faith” or “help me, trust me.” Vir indicates “way or path”. Enasalin means “victory”.

Therefore, altogether:

“help me to, in good faith. This Is Actually The path to success.”
“Help me, trust in me. This is the way to success.”

Mihris arises from the novel The Masked Empire. If Solas and Mihris know each other, though, is a harder question to answer.

Discover a principle that Solas is an elf known as Felassan (in addition from Masked Kingdom) that is serving while the vessel for Fen’Harel. If it were the actual situation, they'd know one another quite well. Felassan had a long-standing relationship along with her Keeper and she was First of her clan. The idea that she'd not recognize him is part of the explanation I do not believe in this concept. I only mention it due to the fact, if it's real, they know both quite nicely.

There is also a solid possibility that Felassan had been a real estate agent of Fen’Harel (in much the way in which Abelas served Mythal). Should this be true, then it’s very possible Solas is familiar with just who Mihris is and/or the fate of the woman clan, though however not know this lady directly.

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