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The Landsmeet is a main quest in . Here, the Warden has got the possibility to influence who can rule Ferelden.

Warning: introducing this pursuit starts the endgame part of Origins

Arl Eamon

The Landsmeet is suggested by Arl Eamon of Redcliffe as a way to cope with Loghain Mac Tir's treachery, by putting him against a vote of their colleagues. Once the Warden has collected all armies with the gray Warden treaties, Eamon will-call for the landsmeet to convene, and brings the Warden, Alistair, and their friends to their estate in Denerim.

Upon arriving in Denerim for the Landsmeet, you're informed by Queen Anora's handmaiden Erlina your Queen will be held captive by Rendon Howe at their property in Denerim. She requests your assistance in freeing the lady. You'll need to slip into Howe's estate to save Anora.

Note: If Zevran had been recruited as a friend, you should have an arbitrary encounter with Taliesen whenever you go to any area in Denerim following the Landsmeet begins. He does not have to maintain the current celebration because of this encounter to happen.

Save the Queen


This Estate is more than the place where Anora is held captive. It really is, in fact, really the only place to get supporters against Loghain (outside associated with the Alienage) and it is, consequently, the one thing that will make certain you win the Landsmeet. Your chances of winning the Landsmeet tend to be started with positive and negative help from the minute you arrive in Denerim and exactly how you structure your quest to Arl Eamon's demand to appear around to see when you can garner help. The first spot you will need to go is Arl Howe's Estate.

You need to sneak in to the Arl's estate by proceeding kept of this primary gate (where the crowd has gathered) and going around towards the yard. There clearly was a stone wall surface to the left of the yard and walking behind it will probably trigger a discussion with Anora's handmaiden, Erlina. Mention the uniforms and you'll get them and automatically wear them. You can not have Shale in your energetic celebration with this pursuit. When you do, before you decide to proceed to sneaking in to the Estate, Erlina will request Shale be replaced.

AnoraInside, you are absolve to explore as much as you love, and no one will question you if you keep the uniforms on. As soon as you reach Anora's home, you will see that a mage features post a force field on door. You need to find the mage, whom Anora says will likely be with Arl Howe, to disengage the power field. Carry on down the hallway. When you have not completed exploring the area, in the event that you go into the very first space in the last hall never get past an acceptable limit into the room (though you can go far sufficient into the room to gather codex), you just want to allow him to access a place into the conversation with his feminine companion that she begins speaking from which point he will be adequately sidetracked enough to enable you this far, but don't get any closer to him because unlike one other protections, that one will likely not disregard you completely. He can realize you are not an element of the regiment, and will seem an alarm. This may cause all of the guards when you look at the estate to make aggressive. You are able if you don't take care of the Codex entry, just to maybe not open this home and continue onward.

Note: The result of the protections and servants to your party is a scripted occasion. Which means that despite maximum stealth and large dexterity the servants will raise the security and turn the palace hostile to you personally the minute you go into the very first room if you are perhaps not using the guard uniforms. The pursuit can certainly still be finished without combat, since even though the palace is dangerous to you personally, with a higher enough stealth the guards will nevertheless not see you (moving your celebration back into the small entry hall and telling them to hold position is recommended)

As you approach the dungeons, you will come across Riordan, another gray Warden that will be crucial toward land additional on. He's also the individual you will have to speak to to find Duncan's Shield. You need to make fully sure you get the 'Grey Warden Papers' from the upper body in space if your wanting to go into the cellar. These are the reports regarding the joining ritual and Riordan may require all of them later.

The Dungeons

Within the cell, your disguises may be worthless because Howe's guys know you're not one and can attack you. Look out for the grease pitfall in the beginning, since the tripwire is difficult to disarm.

  • Argument: Successful persuasion with either "Blight could be the danger right here, maybe not Orlais" or encouraging Alistair's claim in third round of debate.
  • Bann Sighard of Dragon's Peak votes for Warden based on:
  • Argument: Bringing up the slavery charge.
  • Arl Wulff of this Western Hills votes for the Warden on the basis of:
  • Argument: Saying that Blight may be the genuine threat, either the very first or third round of debate, whether persuasion is successful.
  • The last noble to speak doesn't represent a winnable vote, but summarizes the vote's outcome as an alternative (his vote and results of the debate never ever differ, as with the canceling votes of Bryland and Ceorlic).

    There are multiple how to win the Landsmeet. Just be careful whenever showing the arguments of Ostagar or Alistair's claim to the throne: the foremost isn't backed by any evidence, and without successful Persuasion, seeking either among these will cost you a place. Actually, any Warden who leads with Alistair's claim, then follows by accusing Loghain of his Ostagar treason, automatically manages to lose the discussion.

    Winning without Anora: perfect missing Templar and Tortured Noble effectively ahead of the Landsmeet and either free Vaughan or total The test of Crows. Use the "focus in the Blight" debate in the 1st round, the "torture dungeons of Howe" debate within the second, in addition to "poisoning of Arl Eamon" debate in the 3rd. This will make sure the Grand Cleric's denunciation of Loghain together with ballots of Alfstanna, Sighard and Wulff. If done effectively, Logain will bring up the subject of Anora being held by the Wardens. To this, make use of "What? Used to do it to safeguard her away from you!" and consequently the choice "What?!" when Anora shows her betrayal.

    Note: It seems that arguments which gather support but are maybe not backed by quests (Blight and slavery) try not to subscribe to the purpose gain, therefore the additional ballots of Vaughan and/or the mysterious nobleman are required.

    Successful without completing quests:

    You can not mention the arguments of Howe and Eamon since you do not have any evidence. You need Anora's support and persuasive arguments that do not set you back any points, which is Blight in the 1st round, slavery in the second and Alistair's claim (with a fruitful persuade check) in 3rd.


    When you yourself have not gained the assistance of this greater part of the nobles, you drop the debate. Should this happen, Loghain will purchase you arrested, with Arl Eamon declaring he can react. A melee breaks call at the Landsmeet chamber.

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