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The Sword associated with the Beresaad

The Sword for the Beresaad is a companion part quest in given by Sten for the Beresaad, the Qunari celebration user.


As soon as Sten's endorsement reaches minimum 25, he will unveil their objective to Ferelden and just how he came to be locked up in Lothering. He was delivered with several various other Qunari to see just what the Blight is. Their team had been assaulted by darkspawn, and during the battle he was rendered involuntary. When he awoke, his comrades had been lifeless along with his sword had been gone. To a Qunari warrior, the blade could be the soul. If he had been to go back to his homeland without his sword, he would be hunted and killed. Out of anxiety from losing their blade, Sten murdered the agriculture family members who rescued him. As soon as he found his senses again he realized that considering exactly what he had simply done, he previously lost their honor, and so he decided to remain to fund his criminal activity. Times later he had been arrested and delivered to Lothering, in which the Revered mom sentenced him to die into the cage in which he is discovered.


  1. Provide to assist Sten discover their blade.
  2. Check out Lake Calenhad Docks, the last destination Sten recalls getting the blade.

    NPC-Scavenger ScavengingScavenger area


  3. Confront the scavenger, near the exit on world map associated with dock area, who shows you which he purchased acquisition rights to this place from another looter, a red-haired human, called Faryn just who offers in the wild marketplace near Orzammar.
  4. Visit Frostback Mountain Pass locate Faryn and learn that he sold the blade to a dwarven mercenary known as Dwyn.
    • If Sten is within the party, there are several interesting conversational choices. For instance: "I'd give it to him basically were you, Faryn" followed closely by "Where could it be now?" and "if you are lying, you do understand we'll be back" nets (+2) / "simply kill him, Sten. We are able to search his belongings for it." followed closely by "Sten, rip their hands off." provides exact same approval.
    • If he could be perhaps not within the celebration, you've got the chance to blackmail the looter for 3.
  5. Map to Redcliffe Village and enter Dwyn's House, near the General shop. You have got many choices:
    • With Sten into the party and also the right dialogue option, the mercenary will turn over the blade without hassle.
    • Intimidate the dwarf into quitting (effortless with 3 things in Coercion).
    • Pay 6 the sword (2 with a successful persuade/intimidate).

      NPC-ScavengerNote: If he gives you Sten's sword, the spawned chest will state "Key needed".

    • You can easily wait until after you have finished the battle of Redcliffe whenever Dwyn's house is bare to recover the blade. For those who have currently talked to Faryn when you go into the residence, the upper body in the home will undoubtedly be available. No matter whether Dwyn survives the assault.
    • Eliminate Dwyn and loot his corpse.

      Note: in the event that you eliminate Dwyn before you decide to get the pursuit, the pursuit cannot update after talking with Faryn. However, the upper body will however spawn while the pursuit could be completed.

  6. One way or another, you get a strongbox secret that opens up the chest in the rear of the home. Start it to get Sten's Sword (it's going to can be found in your stock as a present, maybe not a weapon). Note: If you get the quest ahead of the Attack at Nightfall begins, the dwarf will give the blade straight (without want to go to the strongbox).
  7. Gift the blade to Sten. The quest product will likely be removed from your inventory and replaced because of the equippable tool – Asala. Note: To gain the utmost endorsement, choose terse dialogue options acknowledging their many thanks as well as the importance of him helping to combat the Blight. See Sten/Approval for discussion and approval choices.
  • AsalaGreatsword
    Steel (Tier 3)
    Needs: 22 strength

    Damage: 13.20
    Crucial possibility: 1.80%
    Armor penetration: 3.90
    Strength modifier: 1.10
    +1 determination
    +1.5 armor penetration
    +12 attack

  • 125 XP (quest conclusion)
  • Sten's value
  • Offering the sword doesn't have effects. It won't influence Sten's behavior or dialogues nor will it include additional Codex entries.
  • After gifting Asala to Sten, through the discussion is regarded as just two times he ever before seems to smile. The second is during the Battle of Denerim, where he will smile if you leave him in charge of the gates.

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