Dragon Age Origins Warrior Walkthrough

Thank you for visiting my FAQ/Walkthrough for Dragon Age: Origins. Because may be the first FAQ that I've written for a time (since Ghost Recon O_o) so bear with me while we work-out most of the proverbial cinks. The difficulty with composing helpful tips for a-game similar to this will there be tend to be loads (and Dragon Age I mean one hell of a great deal!) various results to quests, paticularly afterwards in online game, we'll do my better to protect them all however it usually takes a while to produce a complete guide.

Kindly be aware that this guide is written for Xbox 360 type of this game. Even though there are few game play diffreneces between this and various other two variations which guide should be completely functional for everybody, keep in mind the Computer variation has many features that are not in various other two, and thus will never be pointed out right here. Additionally, bear in mind such things as the settings section tend to be obviously likely to vary:p

This guide can also be printed in the funky brand-new formatting design which at the time of at this time features only just been introduced so if you see any glaring sytax errors be sure to go ahead and gloat remorselessly. Oh and send myself a message telling me-too!


This guide is copyright by MRadford and might show up on and its affiliate marketer websites. If you're watching this guide on another website, it's probably not said to be indeed there, you can get the latest version at GameFAQs.

Story Complete!

The storyline walkthrough was completed! After that is submit Talant Builds, the Spells and capabilities and a walkthrough of the DLC!

Lots of elves

The Dalish Elf part happens to be added, just Recliffe together with Finale and that is the lot primary tale component.

Typing, typing, typing

About halfway through with all the main quest & most of this part quests as you go along. I would be suprisied if there is a paragraph without a spelling error or a mising term. The Dalish Elf area ought to be done ere too-long then the finish will likely be in sight! Type of!

Contact Information

If you wish to get in touch with me personally in regards to anything within guide after that stop and have your self in the event that question that you are asking has already been covered inside guide, because it probably is assuming you don't feel like looking for it i may perfectly perhaps not feel answering you. Having said that, should your question isn't covered, or if you feel part of the guide should always be expanded, you've got some information that is not covered and for just about any explanation, kindly e-mail myself on because of the subject as anything with Dragon Age in subject. I'll attempt to get around to answering everything I have sent.


For the whole of this guide onwards (including the personality part below) you will have marked spoilers. If you see this it must forgo stating that is you do not wish the story destroyed skip forward until the spoilers end. The types that appear in this guide are (in addition, for the exceedingly careful, the written text below isn't a spoiler, only an example so feel free to read it):

MAJOR SPOILERS This section of the guide addresses significant areas of the plot before you decide to get right up to them. Read at your own risk! END MAJOR SPOILERS

SMALL SPOILERS This part contains facets of the story that have been uncovered at the part of equivalent that you are in, or mention little but certianly maybe not online game destroying spoilers, likely about things or codex entries. END MILD SPOILERS


  • Left Analouge Stick
  • Appropriate Analouge Stick
  • D-pad
  • A Button
  • Connect to selected item (available upper body, assault enemy etc)
  • X, Y, B Buttons
  • LB Switch
  • Cycle to final celebration user
  • RB Option
  • Period to after that celebration user
  • LT Switch
  • Switch to second set of hotkeys
  • LB + RB Switch
  • Right Back Option
  • Begin Button
  • Note on choice

    The selection system is remarkable arkward on occasion, some thing might be staring appropriate at your personality and it will not select, a very important thing to accomplish in the event that you run into this really is to change to an in depth by party user and try your chance with a new position. Also remember which you can use the down and up buttons regarding the D-pad along with the left and correct tips.

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