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Dragon Age lost to the memories

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Additional rewards for finding all 10 items?; confirm if fallow mire/emprise fit other benefits


Memories of this Grey

Memories of this Grey is a companion search for Blackwall in .

Blackwall possesses maps that chart old Warden camps and outposts throughout Ferelden and Orlais. The Wardens whom abandoned these camps may have left items of great interest to Blackwall.


After Blackwall has been recruited, talk with him in either Haven or Skyhold. Through the first non-cutscene discussion, he will instantly give the pursuit.


The items are hidden and so the Research purpose is employed to find them. They have been positioned in after places:

  • 2 within the Hinterlands:
  • South-east of Forest Camp - Pristine Griffon Feather
  • 2 into the Storm Coast:
  • Warden Commander's Badge - in an abandoned hut, east of Driftwood Margin Camp (the hut also keeps an objective when it comes to Wardens regarding the Coast quest, and container of Vintage: Warden Riordan.
  • 2 in Fallow Mire
  • Grey Warden tome - behind the secured door on the top level of the entry to Hargrave hold. Needs the Deft Hands, Good Tools Perk. Also contains little bit of the Freed Are Slaves mosaic.
  • 2 in the west Approach
  • 2 in Emprise du Lion
  • Grey Warden Armor can be in Valeska's Watch, in the same room due to the fact landmark.
  • This area is incomplete and needs development.

    Locating the two items in Hinterlands and Storm Coast yields

    Finding the two artifacts into the Western Approach yields

  • Blackwall Greatly Approvesif he's when you look at the celebration when an artifact can be found in each location
  • If Blackwall just isn't when you look at the party when the very first artifact is recovered, the very next time he's spoken to in Haven / Skyhold, Blackwall Approves. He in addition makes a comment regarding how he'd've liked having been there once the Inquisitor found it.

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