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Note: If both Alistair and Morrigan have been in your party when you first reach Soldier's Peak, there's a brief banter involving the two. If both Shale and Oghren come in your celebration when you first arrive, there clearly was a brief banter between your two. If both Zevran and Sten have been in your celebration when you initially arrive, discover a brief banter between your two.

Since the party comes into the Courtyard (following the initial cutscene) and draws near the stairs 3 Arland Corpses, an Arland’s Lord, and 2 Arland Skeletons assault.

Take the south-west path where a Warden Acolyte and 4 Warden Skeletons attack. Examine the statue, unlocking the Ancient background quest and Codex entry: The History of Soldier's Peak: part 1.

Return to the Courtyard in which a Warden Master Scout (Elite), 2 Arland Skeletons, and 2 Warden Skeletons assault. Destroy all of them while get:

At lower levels, withdrawing along the course may be a wise move, as sets of corpses may increase one after another, thus maybe not allowing a break in combat in the event that you stay static in the primary courtyard. They could even rise collectively, providing 8-12 corpses to fight at one point. Go back to the celebration Camp if you endure any injuries before pushing any more inside.

Climb the stairs and enter the Keep.

First Floor

You have another eyesight presenting more information about the fall of this continue whenever master and the Wardens squared down, as attested by the Statement of Defiance in the wall.

Open up the entranceway towards Break place, in which the celebration will meet an Arcane Horror and two smaller Rage Demons. A note on a table unlocks the Codex entry: A Letter From Bann Mathuin Wulff. The Arcane Horror ought to be disabled and beaten with a four-man attack, in addition to trend Demons can be beaten with Cone of cool.

You will find doorways into west together with eastern.

Note: there was a blocked entrance towards north in which you often see some Arland Corpses and Warden Skeletons perambulating in the next space, however they never see you.

Open up the west door to your Barracks, in which Commander Athlar awaits with 3 Warden Skeletons. Discover a note from the balcony that offers Codex entry: A Plea from Commander Athlar.

Come back to the Break Room and make the eastern door to a hallway. There was an east door towards Mess Hall, which includes an unlocked upper body, and a west door at the conclusion of the hallway leading to the Archives (beyond the barricade). The Archives tend to be guarded by Corpses (at low-level) and an Archivist as well as 2 trend demons (the archivist is a lieutenant rage demon that only appear during higher levels).

The large Archivist's Book on the ground is linked to the conflict that led to nov the keep, and certainly will trigger a cut-scene to the last regarding the continue. A smaller book will unlock the Codex entry: the annals of Soldier's Peak: section 2 which will be connected with Ancient History pursuit.

Take the stairs into the second-floor.


1st room regarding the Second Floor is divided in two by the remnants of a barricade. Once the celebration approaches it, a cut-scene reveals that the Wardens (specifically a Mage named Avernus) summoned demons to assist them to within the defense associated with the continue, but had been betrayed. Whilst the cut-scene ends up, a Rage Abomination will be and attack the party. Furthermore demon, the celebration will have to handle some of his aides through the battle. Initially, once the battle starts, there will be 4 undead wardens (one out of all the purple glyphs on the ground) who will heal the abomination at regular intervals. Next, as the demon's health methods zero, two better Rage Demons will spawn and attack, while the manager Demon will refill their wellness.

Get rid of the corpses while they respawn to prevent wasting assaults on the abomination. Power Field or kiting with a container are able to keep the abomination from attacking, and Curse of Mortality can possibly prevent it from obtaining the healing results.

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