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Dragon Age Origins HD textures


It has been stated that my runscript for the KE products doesn't work... and I have no clue the reason why, given that it does work with me personally. So YYMV. Bah. And humbug.

I obtained fed up with working across the broken script the Kirkwall Exports MOTA light armour gloves. (as well as including all the MOTA things independently.)

So I performed up a system script that adds every one of the MOTA orlesian armours at a time:

runscript give_orlesian

should enable you to get one all of

Leather armor (Human female only)
Leather boots (human being feminine just)
Leather gloves (Human female just)
Noble light armor (Human male just)
Noble light shoes (human being male only)
Noble light gloves (Human male just)
Noble light armor (v.2; Human male just)
Noble light shoes (v.2; Human male just)
Noble light gloves (v.2; Human male only)
Noble mask (Human male only)
Royal Mail Armor (large; Human male just)
Royal Boots (significant; Human male just)
Royal Gloves (large; Human male only)
Royal Hat (significant Helmet; Human male just)

Install: drop the tsm_ke_orlesian_script folder in yer override.

Uninstall: erase the tsm_ke_orlesian_script folder.

Loincloth Fashion, because of the lovely and skilled Entopie, helps make the Noble searching Armours open to all races and genders. Also it works with these textures! (might still need Kirkwall Exports for the various other two armour designs, and also for the Noble searching Armours for Human Male figures.)

And I also've added an optional alternative to the initial tint texture utilized for the Noble searching Armours. At specific tiers - i am examining you, Red metal and Dragonbone! - a number of the 'metal' parts of the armour can move to a pink or purple colour. The replacement texture eliminates that concern.


Texture Myself Like One Of The Orlesian Armours
Version 1.0

First DA2 textures by Aremeta
Transformed by theskymoves for DAO



a transformation regarding the exquisite textures from Aremeta's Orlesian Noble Light Armors and Orlesian Noble searching Armors mods, for use with Kirkwall Exports.

The archive contains replacement designs for

Leather Armor (feminine only, 10 colourways)
Noble Light armor (male just, 10 colourways)
Noble Light armor V.2/Royal Mail Armor (male only, 6 colourways)

Keep in mind that the Noble Light Armor and huge Royal Mail establishes share similar designs.

The archive comes with research images.


These textures will override/replace those packaged with Kirkwall Exports. Kirkwall Exports v.2.17 or greater should be set up.

While only 1 colourway of each armour are installed at any given time, the standard setup enables all the three armour alternatives to make use of a unique colourway.

Leather armor = feminine fabric
Noble Light armor = male 1
Noble Light armor V.2/Royal Mail Armor = male 2

After installing Kirkwall Exports, choose the desired replacement colourway per for the armour sets and copy its folder into BioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride.

To streamline deinstallation and color modifications, i suggest installing with this archive's directory construction intact: zz_texture_mefemale leatherFerelden, like.


Erase the folder/folders containing the textures.

Known Dilemmas:

Will conflict with any surface replacers for Kirkwall Exports "Mark of this Assassin" armours.


Express permission with this transformation and upload ended up being rec'd. Unique as a result of setiweb for so patiently reponding to my inquiries and for curating Aremeta's initial work.

Because of Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Mark regarding the Assassin.
Because of InsanitySorrow for their ReadMe Generator this file is dependent on.

Tools Applied:

Photoshop CS2
NVIDIA Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

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