Dragon Age: Redemption (2011-)

Dragon Age Redemption 2011

  • Felicia Day plays Tallis, an assassin just who

    Tallis Productions

    Felicia Day plays Tallis, an assassin whom "fights dirty, " within the online video clip adventure series Dragon Age: Redemption.

Already popular to video-game followers whilst the creator of internet comedy series The Guild about video game people, the celebrity has actually written and stars in a new Web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, located in the world of BioWare's role-playing Dragon Age game franchise.

Day's six-episode run, due to strike the Web this current year, is placed in Ferelden, equivalent dream land where 2009's Dragon Age: Origins while the upcoming sequel Dragon Age II play out. In Tolkienesque sword-and-sorcery adventure game, a number of races join forces to fight a scourge called the Darkspawn (think about them as cousins into orcs within the Lord of Rings).

A peek within Dragon Age II narrative shows Day composed a genuine tale line around a character for herself, Tallis, an Elven assassin.

"Tallis is headstrong, she battles dirty, and she's a really sarcastic love of life, " she states. "i desired to carry a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world."

Tallis goes on a pursuit to fully capture a renegade magician. Along the way, she gathers her own fellowship. "She cannot accomplish the woman mission alone, so finding allies is tricky, " Day claims. "The success or failure of this objective may have a large affect the woman future and her freedom."

A life-long gamer, Day is totally mindful they have a poor background regarding version. "i will be a natural gamer and I love games, and I also specially love this franchise, " she claims. "I put every single energy into causeing this to be a thing that gamers is proud of. Even though we were constrained a whole lot as an internet show, not one of those who were involved took that as a constraint. They took that as a challenge."

That commitment is really what convinced the designers at Dragon Age studio BioWare that Day had been the proper person when it comes to task.

"we're actually, actually excited to utilize people like this lady who've a passion and understanding the content and a really good reputation for quality, " claims BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk. "That's which we should assist."

Filming took place over a dozen times last thirty days when you look at the L.A. area, with Independence Day connect producer Peter Winther as director and John Bartley (Lost) as cinematographer. "they're going to take this one step above what we have observed online before, " claims Day, who additionally co-produced Redemption.

Because of the show in post-production, Day converts the woman attention to The Guild, recently authorized for Season 5 on Microsoft's Xbox Live. "I seriously have a tale line in your mind, " she claims. Day additionally appears in upcoming symptoms of Syfy Channel show Eureka, which continues its fourth season come early july.

an edge good thing about the woman Redemption overall performance? Day surely got to spend a few hours exploring Dragon Age II, which doesn't get to stores until March 8 (for PS3, xbox and Microsoft windows and Mac, ranked for ages 17-up). A demo launches online a few weeks.

"Just being able to make a Web series that is tied with such a huge property ... really the premier role-playing game out there, this is a dream project come true, " Day says.

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