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Dragon Age Shapeshifter build

Thank you for visiting my FAQ/Walkthrough for Dragon Age: Origins. As this may be the first FAQ that I've written for a while (since Ghost Recon O_o) so keep beside me while we work-out most of the proverbial cinks. The difficulty with writing helpful tips for a-game such as this will there be tend to be lots (as well as for Dragon Age after all one hell of a whole lot!) various results to quests, paticularly afterwards inside game, I'll do my far better cover all of them nonetheless it usually takes sometime to develop a full guide.

Kindly bear in mind that this guide is written the Xbox 360 form of this game. Even though there are few gameplay diffreneces between this additionally the other two versions and also this guide is perfectly usable for everybody, keep in mind the Computer variation has some functions that are not in various other two, and thus won't be discussed right here. Also, bear in mind things like the controls section are obviously going to differ:p

This guide can also be written in the cool brand-new formatting design which at the time of right now has only just been released if you see any glaring sytax mistakes please feel free to gloat remorselessly. Oh and send myself an email informing me too!


This guide is copyright by MRadford that can appear on GameFAQs.com as well as its affiliate sites. If you should be watching this guide on another web site, it really is probably perhaps not supposed to be there, you can always have the most recent version at GameFAQs.

Story Complete!

The storyline walkthrough was finished! Then will be submit Talant Builds, the Spells and capabilities and a walkthrough associated with DLC!

Plenty of elves

The Dalish Elf part was included, just Recliffe therefore the Finale and that is the great deal main tale component.

Typing, typing, typing

About halfway through because of the primary quest and a lot of associated with the part quests as you go along. I would be suprisied if there's a paragraph without a spelling error or a mising term. The Dalish Elf part ought to be done ere a long time and the conclusion will likely to be in sight! Kind of!

Contact Information

If you want to contact myself in relation to such a thing in this guide after that end and have your self if the question you are asking is covered inside guide, since it most likely is while you never feel just like shopping for it i may well perhaps not feel just like responding to you. Having said that, in case your real question isn't covered, or you feel part of the guide should-be expanded, you've got some information that isn't covered or for any other reason, kindly email me on mike8580@googlemail.com using the subject as one thing with Dragon Age within the subject. We'll try to bypass to answering everything I get delivered.


For your of the guide onwards (such as the personality area below) there will be marked spoilers. If you see this it will go without stating that is that you don't want the story ruined skip forward before spoilers end. The kinds that appear in this guide are (in addition, the incredibly careful, the writing the following isn't a spoiler, simply an example so go ahead and see clearly):

MAJOR SPOILERS This portion of the guide covers major areas of the plot just before get right up for them. Read at your danger! END SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS

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