In Ostagar in Dragon Age:

Dragon Age spell combinations

These entries into the codex deal with spell combinations in . They're gotten the very first time the Warden or their particular celebration first cast the combination. Observe that it isn't always important that the Warden's party cast each spell into the combination, just the final. Including, the end result can be acquired even when the adversary was frozen by friendly fire from of the allies.

Grease Fire

Many kinds of oil, magical or else, are highly flammable. Whenever oil comes into contact with an available flame, it ignites, leading to a-sea of burning up grease which life-threatening to virtually any animal moving through it. Once the oil has actually burned off, the fire subsides.

Entropic Demise

Perhaps the sufferers would say it makes no distinction, since those afflicted by a Death Hex already know there's little hope of success, nonetheless they should avoid a Death Cloud at all costs should they don't need to hasten the method: simply touching the edge of the cloud is sufficient to set-off a life-threatening reaction that deals truly massive spirit injury to the main topic of the hex.

Paralysis Explosion

The miracle power of a glyph derives from the purity of the shape. Whenever two glyphs overlap and their particular outlines be puzzled, specially when the glyph's effects are directly compared just like Glyph of Paralysis and Glyph of Repulsion, the magic does not have any choice but to dissipate instantly and explosively, immediately paralysing all those nearby.

Storm regarding the Century

Whenever two violent storm methods collide, chaos and destruction inevitably ensue. A mage whom integrates the blustering ice and snowfall of Blizzard with all the whirling lightning violent storm of Tempest will create a terrifying violent storm of the Century. Anyone caught within its bounds will suffer dazzling electric damage.


A is infamously difficult to extinguish, usually burning until it operates out of gas. But a mage can suppress the flames of a grease fire by decreasing the heat associated with the surrounding environment. The bitterly cold wintertime winds of a Blizzard spell will freeze the grease itself, causing the fire to sputter and die.


An adventurer beset from all edges might find solace in the short-term confines of an energy Field spell, which temporarily safeguards aganist all harm. Because the spell also prohibits activity, but the original circumstance will nevertheless persist after the spell fails. If a mage casts Crushing Prison atop the energy Field, the contradictory impacts will result in a spectacular disintegration of both spells, creating a shockwave that harms all in the area except the first topic standing in the epicenter.

Improved Strain

The prey of a Vulnerability Hex must be wary not only of damage from the elements, but in addition spellcasters who wish to sap life or mana to displace their very own figures. The spells Drain lifestyle and Mana empty tend to be two times as effective in those circumstances.

Advanced Reanimation

A skeleton ally resurrected from the battlefield in the form of the enchantment Animate dead-still is affected with the traumatization of their recent demise, and is therefore much less fearsome a combatant as it might usually be. However, whenever Animate Dead is cast by a mage whoever energy has been bolstered because of the effects of Spell Might, the skeleton arises aided by the might and dedication of 1 who has been lifeless for hundreds of years. This enhanced skeleton friend is more powerful and has even more abilities.

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