Dragon Age: Inquisition Skill

Dragon Age Origins spell combos

Spell Combination Result Grease + Any Fire Spell Grease Fire Death Hex + Death Cloud Entropic Death Glyph of Paralysis + Glyph of Replusion Paralysis Explosion Spell Might + Blizzard + Tempest Storm for the Century Grease Fire + Blizzard Flame-Quencher power Field + Crushing Prison Shockwave Vulnerability Hex + Drain Life/Mana Drain Improved Drain Spell Might + Animate Dead Advanced Reanimation Sleep + Horror Nightmare

  • Grease Fire: Burns for 30 fire dmg/1.5sec for 20 sec, friendly fire
  • Entropic Death:: goals with Death Hex entering Death Cloud instantly endure 200+2.0Xcaster's spellpower nature damage
  • Paralysis Explosion: All objectives withing 7.5m are paralyzed for 20secXtarget rank
  • Storm of the Century: Caster loses extra 100 mana, causes (30+0.3XSpellpower) electrical energy harm every 2 sec for 30 sec and drains Stamina corresponding to harm dealt, friendly fire
  • Flame-Quencher: Puts out a Grease Fire
  • Shockwave: Knocks down nearby goals and results in 50+0.5XSpellpower real damage, friendly fire
  • Improved empty: Drain Life deals 100% more problems for adversary and 100% even more recovery to caster, while Mana Drain steals 50per cent more mana
  • Advanced Reanimation: A skeleton minion at 0.9Xthe caster's amount with extra abilities is summoned
  • Nightmare: eliminates Sleep, is applicable Horror, after that causes 100+1.0XSpellpower instant character damage

This one's somewhat different, however in equivalent vein: struck a target this is certainly Petrified/Frozen, after that get a crucial Hit or usage Stone Fist/Crushing Prison and they're going to Shatter, which is an instant kill.

When it comes to your bonus question, no, there is certainly not an equivalent functionality with warrior/rogue talents. You will find tactical synergy choices, like getting your melee figures struck frozen/petrified objectives to one-shot them. Rogues also get a Coup de Grace talent which does extra harm against stunned/paralyzed goals, so you may deliver all of them after opponents your mage mezzes. But you can find not necessarily "combos" in the same manner the mage means work.

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