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Location-OstagarThe Warden and Duncan go to Ostagar to satisfy with King Cailan together with Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir to defeat the darkspawn menace. In order to do therefore, the Warden as well as 2 other recruits, Daveth and Ser Jory, must initially complete the Joining by venturing to the Korcari Wilds under Alistair's supervision and getting three vials of darkspawn blood. The team is tasked to get a cache of treaties, too, but locates them lacking. A witch called Morrigan encourages all of them to satisfy her mama, Flemeth, having safeguarded the treaties.

Right back during the camp, Duncan shows that darkspawn bloodstream should be eaten during Joining. When Daveth is killed because of the taint upon drinking the blood, Jory refuses to follow and draws their blade at Duncan, just who executes him. The Warden survives the ritual, however, becoming a full Grey Warden. During the war interviewing King Cailan and Loghain, the Warden and Alistair tend to be purchased to light a beacon atop the Tower of Ishal while the remaining Wardens battle regarding the front line utilizing the King and the royal army within the valley below; the beacon will signal Loghain's causes to charge the darkspawn's flank. The 2 struggle their particular solution to the top the tower, where an Ogre protections the beacon. Upon seeing the sign, however, Loghain quits the area along with his army and departs Cailan and Duncan to die on battleground. The tower is inundated by darkspawn, which hit down Alistair in addition to Warden.

RedcliffeInterlude: Flemeth's Hut

The Warden awakens in Flemeth's hut and discovers Alistair may be the only various other Grey Warden continuing to be. Both of all of them have already been rescued by Flemeth, who has got tended their particular accidents and is maintaining the darkspawn from finding all of them. In a discussion with Flemeth, the Warden pops up because of the idea of making use of the treaties to create an army and continue the battle against the darkspawn danger. Flemeth urges Alistair and also the Warden to continue the battle against the Blight and provides Morrigan to join all of them. They then go the nearby city of Lothering to resupply and gather information before following the treaties.

At exactly the same time in Denerim, Ferelden's money town, Loghain provides their own version of the activities at Ostagar to Ferelden's nobility, placing blame when it comes to massacre solely in the gray Wardens (outlawing the Order and placing a bounty in the heads of any survivors), and wastes no time at all in declaring himself Regent. This move is fulfilled with outrage by much of the nobility (whom either disbelieve his description of the tragedy at Ostagar or believe, provided their common beginning and rate in taking the regency so soon after Cailan's demise, Loghain is opportunistically getting a throne he's got no claim to), and Loghain's imperious, tyrannical mindset with their bookings sow the seeds of civil war.


The Warden hits Lothering only to discover town in chaos, with refugees crowding the location and bandits preying in it as all present flee before the advance for the darkspawn horde. After coping with a small grouping of bandits that greet them upon arrival, the party can continue into town. Because they go on to do this, Alistair will minimize the team to reconsider about their plans and goals. As opposed to trying to lead this new Warden, Alistair helps it be obvious which he would prefer it if Warden transported the responsibility of leadership rather. Once this is certainly solved, the party moves into city.

The Warden is not required to accomplish something in Lothering. But in the event that Warden decides to get rid of within the local inn, the celebration will see a nearby Chantry cousin called Leliana. She's going to assist the celebration combat a team of Loghain's males whom accuse the celebration of being those to have triggered the master's death. Next, she'll ask to participate the celebration considering a vision she thought she got from Maker. In addition of note is a Qunari guy called Sten who is closed in a cage for murder. The Warden can persuade the neighborhood Chantry mother to produce Sten, of which point he can get in on the celebration. Another explanation to spend sometime in Lothering is to discover the neighborhood job-boards and side-quests: there are some and it can be ways to get experience points, cash and equipment early. You have the Chanter's Board outside of the local Chantry and the Blackstone Irregulars have a representative inside the inn that gives completely quests. Additionally there are many folks about city just who could use the Warden's help with minor jobs.

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