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Dragon Age Desire Demon Mod

Perhaps you have desired you could loot all of that warden gear at Soldier's Peak? Better yet, don't you want you might loot all the most high-priced things? Not want the Dryden household would properly show their appreciation by buying/selling at fair marketplace price? Your desires have come real! Never only play it. Ensure that it it is!

In addition, at your alternative, have the following bonuses when time for the Peak:

- Shale gets followed closely by kitties rather than crows.
- there is certainly a need demon called Lamppost.
- The Dryden merchants now buy/sell during the actual flat price price. Many items to select.
- automagically Levi would be a crossbowman. Eliminate their folder if you want the vanilla commoner Levi.
- amounts on some creatures being altered. All critters and weak-normals are now actually normals. Boss demons are actually elites. Sophia and Avernus are now actually bosses. Sophia is very difficult.
- amounts within cutscenes were maxed to show greatest degree product.
- amount degree for background sound clips have already been turned up on all maps.
- included much more ambient birdsong to final 'Soldiers Peek repaired' chart. Included nature also cool things. Halla replace deer away from continue.
- All demons and undead will spawn. This may present bigger battles and maximum XP.
- there are numerous falls of uncommon and high powered things and you'll like to clean out your inventory of unneeded items before beginning Warden's maintain. If you should be a purist of lore-friendly products and examine these is over-the-top feel free to offer all of them down, or destroy all of them outright.

Use as much or very little with this mod while you want.


Maps are just created initially you visit it. For most readily useful outcomes install this mod ahead of the first time you visit Soldier's Peak. I recommend making a full salvage prior to very first visit to Soldier's Peak. Whenever finished go right to camp and also make another complete salvage. This way you can easily have fun with the pursuit and look at the merchants interchangeably with or without this mod installed. Clearly you must have the Warden's maintain DLC installed.

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