Iveys isabela at Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 Isabela Mod

Like lots of people, I really, really adore the thought of Isabela being fatter. I might be biased, because i'm fat, but diversity is rad and that includes human body diversity. Therefore I sat down last night, broke my sleeping schedule, making this.

Some dilemmas, before some body actually leaves a comment about it: yes, there's some clipping along with her outfit along with other things. This is inevitable, but deciding on exactly how poorly vanilla films... eh. Could possibly be even worse. Moreover, if you are utilizing DFA (As is pictured inside caps revealing the surface, in which her body is a touch darker than the woman face), the woman body shape wont transform with other armors. This results only the woman vanilla body mesh.

The armor retextures pictured aren't included. But works with all armor retextures (except for mods that change meshes), as you can plainly see within the caps. I am utilizing b-lighted's Isabela First Armor Retexture, bisexualzuko's Isabela's Chemise and cantalou's Armored Isabela; it's also appropriate for DA2 give Resolve. They're all lovely, non-whitewashing mods and I also'd recommend you choose any of all of them up. Also pictured is XN_Isabela.

I additionally included an optional face morph that produces this lady deal with slightly chubbier to suit. It is not compatible whatsoever along with other mods that modification the woman face; though you could, instead, not put it to use and rather utilize another great Isabela face mod (like Meet myself Halfway - Isabela or DAO Isabela), or simply this lady regular morph, that is additionally nice. It really is your responsibility :]


Drop the body ERF (and, optionally, the face erf) into packages/core/override. Boot up the online game and enjoy. To uninstall, erase the erf - it willn't actually impact something.


Ellise, for High res designs (which are loaded in aided by the morph erf)

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