Age Mod Installer!

Dragon Age Mod Installer

This guide is intended as a very fundamental how-to for tips operate the Mod management and merge mods. At the bottom of the guide is a couple of backlinks on locations to visit for support, just the most basic of troubleshooting is including within guide. These instructions are intended for those individuals who have never ever used the Mod Manager before, plus don't understand how to start.

Kindly make reference to this post on how to get the Mod management. Once you've this program and have extracted the data to an effortlessly accessible location on your pc, start here measures.

Beneath the cut for size. The Mod Makers trust photos due to their tutorials.

How to Configure Mod Management:

1) Open Mod Manager v1.0.0.59 through the release option when you look at the DAI Tools Suite. If it's the very first time working the application, you will see this popup. Mouse Click ‘OK’:

2) a Microsoft windows Explorer pop up will show up with ‘Find Dragon Age: Inquisition executable’ at the top. Navigate to the folder on your computer where in fact the ‘DragonAgeInquisition.exe’ file is situated (the set up plot for the online game). Click on the file to highlight it, then click ‘Open’ when you look at the base correct like in the screenshot below. This will set your Dragon Age Path:

3) So now you will see the under screen look. Notice that your Dragon Age Path has actually anything in it, however your Mod Path is bare no mods are showing up. Go through the ‘Browse’ button for Mod route and demand folder in which your chosen mods are found:

4) When this is done, you ought to now see mods come in the left hand pane:

5) remember to highlight the ‘Official Patch’ (initial one placed in the left hand pane) and then make yes it matches your area. Patch 11 is Version 12:

6) should you want to disable certain mods regarding reason, click on the mod to emphasize it and then click on the ‘Disable’ option like in the screenshot below:

7) To Re-enable the button, again click the mod to emphasize it and click ‘Enable’ as in the screenshot below:

8) Once all the mods you want to utilize have-been selected, click the Merge key:

9) you will observe these screen appear:

10) hold back until the ‘Task Completed Successfully’ range seems within the box, and then click ‘Close’. If any mods dispute, you'll see it during this step:

And therefore’s it! Your mods are actually successfully modded straight into your up-date folder! No further activity on your part is necessary.


As a whole, if you are encountering mistakes, it means you'll want to fix your Origin installation, especially the very first time you operate a version of the Mod Manager. To do so, use these next actions:

1) inside enhance folder, delete any folder whoever title begins with Patch. This consists of both the certified Bioware Patch folder and any modded Patch folders that could nevertheless be there, particularly Patch_ModManagerMerge

2) Open Up your Origin client, right-click on Dragon Age: Inquisition in your library, and choose ‘Repair Game’

3) when the ‘Repair Game’ is finished, decide to try merging your mods once again utilizing the above measures

If you continue steadily to have mistakes, please go to the DAI Tools discussion board or outline a Bug Report. However, be aware that all assistance is entirely voluntary, which your problem may not have a solution. Modding is a tricky company, and often things just don’t work the direction they should.


When you look for a unique mod and would like to add it, the only real precaution you really need to take is to delete your previous Patch_ModManagerMerge folder from enhance folder then merge the mods once again.

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