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Jaws of Hakkon, the new DLC for BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition, was launched on Tuesday across Xbox One and PC-but maybe not PlayStation 4. today, BioWare features verified the new development will eventually visited Sony's brand new console, though professional producer Mark Darrah asks PlayStation followers to-be patient.

Gallery image 1we cannot discuss when Jaws of Hakkon may be coming on other systems

— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah)

Jaws of Hakkon's timed-exclusive release for Xbox One and Computer is part of a unique bargain between Microsoft and BioWare owner Electronic Arts. Microsoft also has an understanding with Activision that ensures all Call of Duty DLC is released first on Xbox.

Gallery picture 2Darrah continued to declare that the EA-Microsoft agreement contains a term that forbids BioWare from speaking about the length of the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC exclusivity arrangement.

To date, the Jaws of Hakkon growth has been verified just for Xbox One, Computer, and PS4. BioWare have not launched any plans to deliver the DLC to last-generation systems such as xbox 360 console or ps3.

Gallery image 3In Jaws of Hakkon, players will "discover the fate of this last Inquisitor therefore the powerful dragon he hunted."

Set in an overgrown backwoods populated by the Avvar hunter people, this content might find people exploring an "ancient Tevinter fortress that hides a dangerous key."

Gamers may also be prepared to face off against brand-new enemies, and amass brand-new popular armor and tools. Jaws of Hakkon concludes with a battle against an "ancient god of war bent on destroying society."

This content can be acquired today across Xbox One and PC for $15. For a closer look, check out the image gallery here.

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