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Wounded when you look at the Woodland

Wounded into the Forest is a side pursuit based in the West Brecilian Forest. Deygan, an elven hunter, is found wounded within the forest. The Warden must determine what doing.


Within the western Brecilian woodland, only at night very first encounter with Swiftrunner, past the waterfall into east, then south, the Warden will get a wounded elven hunter, Deygan. After sputtering some blood soaked words, he collapses plus the Warden is given several options:

  • Wake him back up and speak to him.
  • Wake him back-up and destroy him.
  • Loot his body (then just take him to the camp, or eliminate him).

Wynne and Leliana and Sten will get (+4) endorsement if you choose to return the hunter into Dalish Camp. If Morrigan can be inside celebration, both will take part in some religious banter but Morrigan cannot drop any endorsement.

In the event that you kill Deygan:

At this point, the pursuit are marked as completed, however the Warden can return to the Dalish Camp and speak with Zathrian, who directs the Warden to consult Deygan (if he is alive).

If the Warden loots Deygan while he is unconscious or when you kill him:

Deygan's Dal'ThanuWaraxe
Veridium (Level 4)
Needs: 19 energy

Harm: 7.80
Vital opportunity: 1.30percent
Armor penetration: 2.90
Energy modifier: 1.10
+10% nature opposition
+4 assault

Deygan's BootsLight boots
Reinforced (Level 5)
Requires: 17 energy

Armor: 1.75
Fatigue: 0.55percent
+2 constitution

FigurinePlot item
A small little bit of maple wood, carved to check like a Dalish hunter with bow drawn.

If Warden kills Deygan, departs his human body within the forest, then loots his corpse:

Varies (Tier 1-7)
Needs: 10 dexterity

Harm: 4.00
Important possibility: 3.00per cent
Armor penetration: 4.00
Strength modifier: 0.85

7 Elf-Flight ArrowArrow
These arrows tend to be completely balanced, and can fly much more swiftly versus common arrow.

+6 attack
Chance to stun

Deygan's BootsLight boots
Reinforced (Level 5)
Requires: 17 strength

Armor: 1.75
Tiredness: 0.55percent

FigurinePlot item
A little bit of maple wood, carved to check like a Dalish hunter with bow drawn.

You may get two sets of Deygan's products, and some other miscellanea, by looting him when unconscious, waking him, killing him when he next falls involuntary, and then looting his body.

Note: For those who haven't conserved Deygan after beating Nature associated with the Beast and time for the woodland (unless you side with the Werewolves), you'll find Deygan's wife and she'll give a reward. There is a skeleton inside the destination. It is possible to loot Studded Leather Boots from this.

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