Dragon Age: Inquisition

Upcoming Dragon Age DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition's ending is approximately become built upon.

During a PAX Prime panel, IGN learned more info on Trespasser, the upcoming story DLC for BioWare's epic dream RPG. Relating to the thing that was shown, the growth will detail the fates associated with heroes two years when they managed to save your self society.

Much more especially, players will learn new stuff concerning the Inquisitor's mark and the Qunari will pose a menace. As an additional extra, the Eluvian mirror will yet again make an appearance, and another of Dragon Age: Inquisition's characters tends to make a dramatic return. This is basically the third launch of story DLC for Dragon Age: Inqisition, the very first being Jaws of Hakkon together with second becoming The Descent. Trespasser are going to be Dragon Age's last tale DLC, and it'll release on September 8, 2015.

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