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A Messy kill, also referred to as a finishing move or execution, takes place when a personality carries out an animated kill scene. They can range from simple slices to beheadings and guard rams. This includes the slow-motion killing of ogres additionally the cross-slicing of beasts.

The messy kill animated graphics are many closely linked to vital hits. If an enemy dies of a critical hit then the execution will happen, hence daggers frequently create these views. The duelist capability Pinpoint Strike is a valid solution to test this, because it ensures critical hits and so a messy kill sequence.

Some weapons including Ageless and Aeducan Mace have actually a messy eliminates item residential property that will be likely to create a better potential for the animation occurring upon death, although this is unproven. The messy kills property might just boost the possibility of a crucial hit, or replace the execution necessity to a specific damage amount rather than a crucial necessity. Some types of weapons using the messy kills home include:

Silverite (Level 6)
Requires: 34 strength

Damage: 16.50
Crucial chance: 2.25per cent
Armor penetration: 5.25
Strength modifier: 1.10
Weakens nearby darkspawn
Messy eliminates
Increases hostility and intimidation
+0.25 computer or +0.5 ps3xbox360stamina regeneration in fight
+4 harm vs. darkspawn

, obtained by completing the Caged in Stone quest. Aeducan MaceMace
Grey Iron (Tier 2)
Requires: 14 strength

Damage: 5.50
Vital possibility: 0.55%
Armor penetration: 4.60
Power modifier: 1.00
Messy eliminates
+2 harm vs. darkspawn

, awarded by Duncan when you look at the Dwarf Commoner Origin before leaving Orzammar. Dwyn's SwordLongsword
Steel (Level 3)
Needs: 15 strength

Damage: 8.40
Crucial chance: 2.40%
Armor penetration: 2.60
Power modifier: 1.00
Messy eliminates
+2% spell opposition

, gotten by killing Dwyn in Redcliffe (after a failed intimidate), if you choose not to make use of him for pursuit fight. Rain of PetalsLongsword
White Metal (Tier 8)

Harm: 11.90
Crucial possibility: 3.40%
Armor penetration: 4.50
Energy modifier: 1.00
+3 power
+3 damage
Messy eliminates

, included as an element of Ariane's preliminary gear in the DLC.

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