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Yevhen will tell you that his three sons Emrys, Merin and Iwan went into the Deep roadways after reading stories regarding your exploits there, and he'll ask you to locate them and bring all of them back. In the event that you refuse this task, then you'll definitely get friendship things with Isabela and rivalry things with Sebastian. In the event that you accept the task (that you can have to do eventually to keep with the quest), then you'll definitely gain friendship points with Sebastian and rivalry points with Isabela.

You will discover the entry towards the Deep roadways in the totally free Marches part of your globe chart. In, you will get assaulted by darkspawn, but shortly you are going to visited Emrys sitting in front of a closed home (# 1). Emrys will tell you that Iwan is obsessed with a sword that is allowed to be in your community, hence he locked Merin in a space packed with darkspawn. You will then have to tell Emrys everything you plan to do - either pursue Iwan and the sword, or conserve Merin - but this statement don't actually determine everything for you personally. But if you tell Emrys you plan to follow the sword, then you'll gain rivalry points with Aveline and Sebastian. If you tell Emrys which you want to save Merin, then you'll gain friendship points with Sebastian.

Pursue the Blade

For this situation you will have to go straight to Iwan (#5). Whenever you get to him, you will find him being assaulted by a little number of darkspawn. After the battle, Iwan will decide to return to Kirkwall, but first he'll try to sell you a Golem Control Rod. If you wish to, you can easily pay him 50 silvers because of it. Otherwise, you are able to intimidate him into giving it to you personally free of charge (with or without Varric's help). The control pole will allow you to take control of a golem (#6), that will after that follow along behind both you and allow you to beat another golems in the region (#7).

Whenever you reach the treasure cache (#9), you'll discover that the chest using sword is smashed and looted, but you will still find Zoey's Battered Horde-Kickers, Potency, and Sundarin Thunder when you look at the other chests. You will get a hold of a Lyrium-Laced bilge-hoop on the ground, and it surely will trigger the pursuit "Lyrium-Laced Bilge Hoop" once you select it up. To accomplish that pursuit, might should just use the hoop to the Whiskey Master in Darktown, that will encourage 1 sovereign and 750 xp.

When you come back to Yevhen in Hightown, you'll have to come to a decision. In the event that you lie to cover up Iwan's misdeeds, then you'll definitely gain rivalry points with Aveline and Sebastian. In the event that you tell the reality, then you'll definitely get friendship points with Sebastian (Iwan will jeopardize revenge, however you will not see him again). Anyway, Yevhen will encourage 2 sovereigns and 1000 xp.

Protect Merin

Because of this instance you will have to go right to Merin (#4). Once you get to him, you will discover him being attacked by a small grouping of darkspawn, including a pair of darkspawn emissaries. Following the struggle, Merin will come back to Kirkwall, and you should choose to check out Iwan and his blade. Whenever you get to Iwan (#5), you discover that he's lifeless, but you will find a Golem Control Rod on his corpse. If you are using the control rod regarding first golem you encounter (#6), it will wake up and start following you, and it'll help you up against the various other golems in your community (#7).

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