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Dragon Age 2 Sword and shield

Hawke saves Aveline along with her husband, Ser Wesley, from imminent death while escaping Lothering. When Flemeth shows Wesley will die of darkspawn taint, either Hawke or Aveline provides a mercy blow to him. Wesley's demise will leave Aveline with few choices, and she accompanies the Hawke family to Kirkwall.

Upon arriving at Kirkwall, the group finds the protections needs to be bribed for them to go into the city. Hawke's uncle provides connections who can assist them to, in return for mercenary services from Hawkes through next year. Without other options, Aveline assists the Hawkes in entering the town; if Hawke chooses to simply help Athenril in dealing with Cavril, the vendor's cheating ways incense Aveline, and she relates to him extremely effortlessly.

Act 1

After going into the town, Aveline joins the Kirkwall City Guard in order to make an income. If Hawke aids the lady in her companion quest, How it must be, Aveline and Hawke will discover a conspiracy involving Jeven, the current Captain of the City Guard, plus the Coterie. Hawke and Aveline find that Jeven is sending guardsmen on dangerous patrols with a satchel of important city information being sacrifice all of them towards Coterie so your thieves could have the information without looking suspicious. When Jeven's scheme is revealed to your authorities, Jeven will be arrested by his or her own guardsmen and Aveline will replace him whilst the new Captain regarding the Guard on her part in closing Jeven's corruption. Aveline will still be the Captain for the Guard, though considered "interim", if Hawke will not help the girl in her own friend pursuit considering that the previous captain left unexpectedly and Aveline along with her past armed forces knowledge made the woman many viable replacement. Aveline's guard and Guard-Captain roles allows the woman to manage particular individuals effortlessly, namely other guards and scoundrels.

Act 2

Whenever Hawke visits Aveline three years later along with her partner quest, The Way it ought to be, had been completed, she warns Hawke that their brand new found wide range and impact changed the fortunes of many folks in Kirkwall; and never always the better. Whenever requested just how she ended up being settling into her brand new position as Guard Captain, Aveline complains they are spread thin and how the templars tend to be unwilling to requisition some of their males to battle the city guard whilst ended up being considered "demeaning". Nevertheless, most of the guardsmen seem to have rallied under her management. If the woman partner quest wasn't completed, she states your previous captain left instantly, and she today realizes the reason why running the shield is really so hard. The viscount is weak and it is reluctant to dedicate the resources she needs when it comes to town shield. Not merely because the woman position is "interim", but also because he fears it can upset the templars. If Hawke promotes the woman to simply leave the shield and work with all of them, she claims that she understands the sort of difficulty Hawke enters which a laid-back relationship together with them suits the girl just fine.

Hawke may help Aveline in her own commitment with Guardsman Donnic Hendyr; if aided, she marries him at Hawke home. Or even, Aveline stays single.

If brought to the Fade during evening Terrors, the need demon will achieve turning Aveline against Hawke through her memory of Wesley; after returning from Fade, Aveline confesses her concerns in Doubts that Linger.

If brought along, Aveline disapproves of accusing Grand Cleric Elthina of wrongdoing in Offered and Lost.

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