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Dragon Age 2h Warrior build

Me Personally - Knight Enchanter Mage. I happened to be able to get in close up once I had a need to as a result of my specialization and dealt huge damage from a length with my Tempest workforce, 131 DPS after incorporating a rune. I place all my ability things to the KE tree initially after which about half of buffer tree. The rest I distributed uniformly between my preferred spells in Fire, Ice and Lightning. Overall, very strong mage personality that was able to support the rest of the party really and deal massive harm.

Blackwall - Two-handed Champion. Originally I became not enthusiastic about Blackwall but we heard a great deal good stuff about him, regarding how he was near impractical to destroy, and so I tried him out. Initially, I made him a sword and board winner. The DPS had been decent but not as high as I wanted it, although he was basically immortal. Even yet in a dragon struggle he just would not go down, insanely OP. Once I gave him a two hand gun, I became absolutely surprised within outcomes. I recommend everybody to use this. Following this, I had no use for squishy Iron Bull. Blackwall was working massive DPS although champion+vanguard tree almost maxed in addition avoided him out of every dying. If he lost any wellness whatsoever, my mage would just barrier him and he will be unkillable once more. Overall, great character and that can cause some hilarious party banter. Insanely effective yet in addition immortal.

Cole- Assassin Stealth Rogue. Gave him two daggers with a high damage result, outcome was equally we expected. Huge numbers and exemplary assistance for my Warrior. Iron Bull could change Cole, but I'd no need. I feel a dual wielding rogue is quite different to an archer rogue, very nearly making for 2 different classes. By investing in the stealth tree, Cole became fast and defensive. He could dissappear and stab enemies from all edges, working outrageous amounts of damage. The assassin tree provided him a selection of impressive abilities, rendering him harder to eliminate also an excellent assistance personality. Eventually, the double wield tree provided him effective abilities which once more enhanced their DPS and made him invaluable.

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