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Oghren's Old Flame

Oghren's Old Flame is Oghren's friend pursuit in .


Visit the ruined Princess at Lake Calenhad Docks with Oghren in party.

Recommended : you are able to communicate with Felsi very first without Oghren truth be told there to find out what she thinks about Oghren, but if you mention this to Oghren, he can simply take an endorsement hit. But whenever you can pass a persuasion check, Oghren will tell you more info on exactly how he and Felsi split to start with.

Note: speaking with Felsi without Oghren in celebration is going to make it appear to be she finds him disgusting and pathetic and certainly will possibly end the pursuit there. However if Oghren is with you and you help respark her curiosity about him through their conversation, its revealed that the insults and disgust shown among them is actually "their thing" and how they show love per various other.

You can both help him with hints or by talking him up, or ruin his attempts with insults. Then speak to Oghren, who can speak to this lady. Ultimately, anything that tends to make him appear better (even unbelievably therefore) can certainly make the lady desire him. "Insults" (and even though most are accurate), having said that could keep them apart, as does informing them you have to get.

Some of the following can lead to Felsi informing Oghren to come back and see the lady at some point:

  • Inform this lady Oghren took in a military of golems, after that tell Oghren to share with the woman it really is fate, ask Felsi if she hasn't missed Oghren, after that say any such thing besides informing Oghren that you have to get.
  • Simply view the discussion, after that inform Oghren to share with the woman it really is fate, after that tell Oghren to tell her he is already been considering her, after that say something besides telling Oghren that you have to go.

Note: a few of these may include lying to Felsi; increased coercion can be necessary.

Following the aforementioned discussion choices you will get 250 XP. Virtually any discussion choice results in no XP.

If you communicate with Oghren after and Felsi don't make sure he understands to come back at some point and you simply tell him "not so surprising" then Oghren disapproves (-3) . Otherwise there's no endorsement modification.


  • If Oghren fails at his efforts and is treated badly by the Warden after ward, he'll be a drunkard and a general public menace.
  • Based on Felsi, Oghren attended the woman dad's funeral where he became intoxicated, shot to popularity their pants and challenged the roast dinner to wrestle, finally losing to it in a supply lock.
  • This pursuit ended up being compiled by Mary Kirby and was deliberately tiny since most of Oghren's personal story was informed in A Paragon of Her sort.
  • In the event that you tell Oghren to "Go get her" after making the inn, you wind up in the center of Lake Calenhad. Although you tend to be liberated to roam around, you will be struggling to come back to shore. To leave mind towards docks and communicate with Carroll.
  • In the event that you walk toward the stones at the side of the pond at a specific perspective, the selected personality can become in the bottom associated with the lake. This could be duplicated with each celebration user, but it is impossible to talk to Carroll after that to leave. From the 2nd slope/crease from Carroll (before the rock development, if you look up) you can easily 'climb' the slope. When your character drops through the slope straight back towards the bottom regarding the pond, only make an effort to climb once more moving in the right-angle. Once you have gotten back again to the shore you will discover yourself stuck once again. Make use of the mouse to a target your personality anywhere on the area together with personality should move. A while later, communicate with Carroll; your party will spawn behind you.
  • It is possible to go into the Spoiled Princess once again and talk to Felsi - this can begin with Oghren talking-to her in extension to the Warden's "Go get her".
  • ps3If Shale is in your celebration (and Oghren is absent) the discussion between Felsi and Oghren needs destination between Felsi and Shale. Oghren's voice should be heard, but all camera cuts will consider Shale.

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