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Dragon Age Black Emporium


The Black Emporium is DLC expansion for available for no-cost on Origin, PlayStation system and Xbox Live. It really is initially accessed via the war table procedure The Black Emporium that costs 0 energy.


The Black Emporium expansion adds four high-level stores that offer epic tools, powerful add-ons, new crafting materials and schematics, as well as other hard-to-find items. Improve your facial look because of the Mirror of Transformation. Accessible from war dining table, The Ebony Emporium provides more ways to personalize your Inquisition.

  • Unlike in, companions are not able to show up, if you're given the chance to develop an event, while you would when visiting any location. Further, it gives you the opportunity to form a party, even if you are going to Haven or Skyhold.
  • pc May have to connect with EA Servers the operation to demonstrate through to the war table.

“Whatever we had been before, we are today the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Click here to reveal all of them.

  • When unlocking the Emporium regarding war table, Leliana will point out so it may help the Inquisition against Corypheus, even when he hasn't been encountered however or was already defeated. This is solved with spot 6. Cullen's report today states the Inquisitor is cautious about the Black Emporium, maybe alluding to Xenon the Antiquarian mentioning that Templars attempted to get the Ebony Emporium in Dragon Age II. Cullen's report adds that there may be items of interest into Inquisition.
  • From the 360 when conserving within the Ebony Emporium you've got the option to export your save online game by selecting brand new Save Game and hitting LT, as soon as your information is shipped it may be brought in regarding Xbox One.
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