Dragon Age 2 Facebook game

Dragon Age Facebook Game

There are countless games on Twitter, therefore couple of really worth playing. But there is an innovative new one in line with the acclaimed Dragon Age universe. And it's produced by a group led by EA2D's Mark Spenner and Soren Johnson, a man which made a mighty good form of Civilization (and it is decent at resolving the mathematics problem of Jesus).

Could this be those types of fabled "real video games" that supposedly don't occur on Twitter?

We crossed my hands and loaded the beta of Twitter online game Dragon Age Legends yesterday.

Kindly, Twitter online game, we hoped... don't suck. Cannot waste my time. Don't feel like a trick. Feel just like a game. Please!

Flip through this gallery to see how well things moved...

I'dn't played Dragon Age Journeys, 1st Flash game spin-off. That one ended up being tied up in to the the release of Dragon Age: Origins, the expansive 2009 PC and system role-playing game built to draw fans of dark dream into 80-some hours of swordplay, spell-casting while the periodic romantic liaison. Dragon Age Legends is tied up in to the launch of Dragon Age II, the following PC and console epic.

I can not help but look at free Flash games that wrap to the release of an innovative new premium online game as an advertising ploy. I suppose there won't be much online game indeed there. Place the online game on Facebook, as is the scenario with Legends, and I also'm expecting an advertising ploy combined with a chain page. I began Legends assuming the game could be greatly reliant on me inviting buddies to savor the Dragon Age knowledge, because, well, that is what these Twitter games do. They're personal. And free. They may be perfect tools for distributing word-of-mouth.

Why should not I be skeptical?

Dragon Age Legends is a turn-based role-playing online game (blended with Sim Tower, in so far as I can tell).

The very first thing you do inside online game is create a character. I made the man the thing is that right here (click the picture to enlarge it, in order to start to see the whole personality display screen). We selected his hairstyle, provided him purple hair, named him, wrote his warcry, and set him up as a rogue. He could have been a warrior or mage. Rogues have bows and large agility.

As you can see I got him to degree 2 up to now and he's from the verge of hitting level 2. just how? continue reading.

I am maybe not well-immersed in Dragon Age lore, thus I cannot inform you a lot about how precisely the video game meets to the bigger Dragon Saga. All I've soaked up to date is the fact that I'm an excellent man which needs to get places to fight bad guys, bad guys just who probably have a leader of some type.

13 many years have passed away since a team of warriors led because of the Templar Ravi banded collectively to prevent an abomination from destroying the Free Marcher city of Kaiten in a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence.

The former Viscount Khedra invested nearly all of his life as a venerated ruler, celebrated for his knowledge. Late in life, he began to change, beginning with the building of a fantastic coliseum in which nobles' plumped for champions competed for pride and glory. Just what started as games of enjoyment rapidly devolved into great spectacles of carnage punctuated by outlandish pageantry. The smaller nobles of Kaiten no more settled their particular conflicts in court, alternatively grievances big and small were determined by sword for pleasure of an increasingly bloodthirsty population.

The Viscount's nephew, Ravi, and his allies found the foundation of Khedra's strange behavior: Khedra had been possessed by a strong Pride demon and ended up being today an abomination. These heroes could beat the demon in a fearsome confrontation, and mysteriously, you were indeed there to assist them.

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