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Dragon Age 2 companions armor

6/17/2011: Sorry everybody else, i acquired excessively bored of DA2 earlier. I am pleased individuals are nevertheless using this mod. Since I have no further am thinking about this video game, I won't be supplying help. Any modder has actually my authorization to boost on this. See you guys in DA3 =)

** upgrade 4/17/2011: included 1 even more variation to full cover up helmets (as a result of requests), for people utilizing file _v3_A.

...::: DA2 Equip Your Party :::...
Latest Version 3 (4/15/2011)

- This mod enables you to put armor on the friends.
- All companions gain slots for mind, arms, upper body, feet.
- Evolving armor & stats taken out of the overall game maintain balance.
- knowledge DA2 from a RPG viewpoint. Assign attribute things to companions precisely to enable them to equip correct products.
- Decide which of one's friends use which collection of armor. You're now accountable for your companions, not Bioware.
- no further tend to be 90percent of most armor pointless because there is no-one to put it to use. Every bit of armor can be used by you and/or your friends. This is why finding things *interesting*.
- This is how DA2 needs already been when it was released.
- bear in mind: Once you start a casino game by using this mod, even although you "removed" the folder, all conserved games should be missing their particular regular armor - the information is conserved.
- If you wish to never make use of this mod, get rid of the mod from override, and start a new online game.

...::: Variation Changes :::...

Version 3 (released 4/15/2011)
Version 3 ought to be the many steady version. Many bugs are fixed, including armor appearance maybe not locking precisely, nude friends, etc... There are several minor problems with romance armor perhaps not arriving - this really is regarding removing evolving stats. As always, as soon as the "fundamentals" of a casino game is changed drastically, do expect minor pests every so often, until bugs are found and fixed.

Variation 3 (Equip_Your_Party_v3_A)
- Fixed nude companions when you meet them. All companions will today be correctly dressed.
- Isabela, Sebastian, and typical Anders given brand new clothes. Their particular initial armor are not in-game products. They're actually human anatomy morphs. To allow me to outfit them, We utilized alternative clothing. Deep Anders retains his dark armor.
- There is something into the online game that associate evolving stats with storyline story armor updates. With evolving stats removed, your partner's ID flag cannot update. Consequently, armor appearance upgrades are disabled until I am able to discover a fix for this.
- EVOLVING STATS are nevertheless disabled.
- Look at your inventory when Aveline very first joins your party. Starter armor was provided.

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