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Circulated in March 2011, Dragon Age II people assume the part of Hawke, a human mage, whom fled through the Darkspawns to Kirkwall together with family. The storyline is linear and predictable. Although, the game progresses based player choices, the decisions don't make huge impact to the online game. Hawke tends to make their method to come to be Champion of Kirkwall and ultimately becomes either Viscount of Kirkwall or a mage who flees the city.

There is little improvement in graphics when compared with its prequel. The figures however look unpolished while the views for the little city of Kirkwall could be boring. Voice acting is fine but soundtrack isn't as appealing. Character modification is certainly not a comprehensive as other RPG games and level progress requires including abilities, strategies, and personality attributes. There’s no choice to choose a race as you start off as a human, and you can’t replace the default appearance of Hawke, unless you pick the feminine version. The fight system for Computer variation is a bit different from the console variations. While it is a RPG style, the overall game nearly becomes a hack-and-slash on hard mode.

Dragon Age 2 gets two thumbs-up through the experts although not from its users and followers. Many fans liked Origins that they anticipated Dragon Age 2 to offer additional skills and a tremendous improvement in visuals and storyline. This game gets 72 away from 100 performers.

If you placed your purchase before January 2011, then you instantly obtained the BioWare Signature Edition. Additionally, you can get in-game incentives if you complete the free demonstration.

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