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Updated June 6: small balance tweaks to Vigor, Vitality, Redoubt, Shadow and Exaltation runes, and complete incorporation of IN1's Restored Items mod.

Updated May 2: Added Kinslaying, Exaltation and Banishment weapon runes, working bonus problems for humans, qunari and fade animals, correspondingly, while the Arlathan Echo Shard, an endgame special option to Primeval Lyrium that should be particularly helpful to Absolution rogues and Blade of Mercy warriors.

Updated April 22: secured some shop inventories, included Deft and Agility runes as armor choices to Cunning and passageway according to demand (also, renamed Cunning to Guile, for quality since there is already a Cunning stat)

Updated April 18: Fixed tendency of Shadow and Reflect runes to vanish on reload, and Grace runes to transform into Accuracy runes on reload. Runes of Redoubt should today be craftable besides. (Fair caution, they truly are slightly OP if you stick them on Aveline. Have not determined a graceful solution to stabilize all of them however.)

Updated April 14: Fixed Disruption design and incorrect Redoubt design description, tweaked some icons, and provided Torpor's Barrier Rune a distinctive symbol and moderate boost making it much more consistent with the storyline need for gaining it.

This mod adds 23 brand new gun and armor runes with fully-functional dishes and distinct icons, and 4 new unique runes plus the created-but-cut Celestial rune, all completely incorporated into the video game via shops, pursuit benefits and creature falls. Ever wanted a way to improve a mage's Fortitude without using Force Mage, or boost Fernis' hazard generation when he's too low-level for Bravery, or get Aveline's attack for some reasonable quantity without burning mana on Heroic Aura? Wish not any longer! You can find runes for the now! Magic resist? Chance to stun? Lockpicking increases? We've got it all. There's even a rune of Luck to improve equipment falls, for many who lack Black Emporium's Runes of Fortune or simply just need mix up the moneymaking somewhat.

This mod works most readily useful with a new online game, since all the brand-new designs are observed in shops, and shop stocks tend to be set the first time you enter a location. But Hubert will actually sell any design drops you missed, so when ahead of the beginning of Act III you can easily however get all the styles. Or you can utilize the console rules. ;)

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