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There tend to be numerous achievements/trophies in Act we of Dragon Age II that will be attained by playing through the game, completing companion’s quests and side quests. All achievements that cannot be missed are listed at the bottom of this guide. You ought to be carrying this out in any manner to gain accessibility locations that could usually be missable also to get achievements/trophies like ‘Birthright’ (sibling partner pursuit) and ‘Gift Giver’ (offering your sibling the Portrait of mom or Tobrius's Documents from Birthright).
Equally a forewarning: you ought to be picking right up as many codex’s as you are able to to unlock the achievement/trophy ‘Knowledgeable’ afterwards down the road which needs 100 codex’s and you should also be opening treasure chests to unlock ‘Treasure Hunter’ which calls for 50 chests. You’ll probably get these /trophies later on in online game however should take effect towards them in early stages.
Crucial note for Supplier- ensure Isabela, Anders and Merrill stay static in your party and also have either high endorsement or rival things. Isabela is specially essential as she may leave during Act II. Isabela has actually couple of approval modifications during Act II so it’s best to be in there fast and get her approval/rivalry up large during Act I. She’ll need about 75% relationship or rivalry ahead of the Act II pursuit ‘To Catch a Thief’ otherwise you’ll lose this lady and do not get access to a supplier ingredient. Merril and Anders have actually side quests that can have actually supplier components which means you need to ensure you keep all of them around and to ask them to as your pals. In general, you ought to hire and keep as many folks as you are able to due to their partner quests.

Act we Roadmap

Unstoppable – No party people have knocked out in combat for an entire year in Kirkwall. If anybody gets knocked out, reload a save. This will probably technically be obtained in Act II though maybe not in Act III.
Mass exodus – Three playthroughs, develop a personality of each and every class (rogue, mage and warrior) and play through until Kirkwall. So that you can make both achievements/trophies of “Mercenary” and “Nefarious” you really need to side with Meeran within one playthrough and Anthenril in another.
Talented – Upgrade a spell or skill. In the talent selection upon levelling up you’ll notice that some means or abilities have smaller icons beside them, in the event that you place an art point-on these after that you’ll get this achievement/trophy.
Chantry Historian – Grab the “History for the Chantry: part 1” entry through the upstairs dining table because of the fireplace into the Chantry (for which you discovered Karl during Anders quest.)
Master Craftsman - Find all offered dishes for one regarding the three crafting trees then create each product because tree. Easy and simple to have is the concoction crafting tree since it has only six recipes. Two of these recipes are in Act we: The Elfroot Potion dish obtained off woman Elegant as well as the Restoration Potion dish acquired by finishing the Herbalist Tasks after which bought from their store.
Archaeologist – Grab at least 3 of those 4 entries. They all are Codex's known as 'The Enigma of Kirkwall' and also to check those you have you can examine in the lore area.
Entry 1: Gallows courtyard – Turn to an instantaneous right upon entering and go directly to the north many an element of the area. The entry is concealed in a pile of rubble by a closed gate.
Entry 2: Viscount’s Keep – When collecting this entry the icon indicating it really is there will not appear but, after collecting it, it'll appear on screen. The entry is located on a single regarding the two pictures which are divided by a red vase, on right side of table, in Seneschal Bran’s company.
Entry 3: The Bone pit – After receiving the pursuit ‘The Bone Pit’ go right to the area and find a bit of paper sticking out from under the stones that obstructs a path causing the left. Its right near the Elfroot and it is on southeast dead-end.
Entry 4: The Alienage in Lowtown (during the night). Beside Merill’s house in a little alcove, beside a manhole.

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