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Lord Pyral Harrowmont may be the High-General of Orzammar, a deshyr when you look at the Assembly, and King Endrin Aeducan's second. A traditionalist, he is popular to be an able administrator and contains authored numerous compromises into the ever-warring system.

Dragon Age: Origins

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Harrowmont is just one of the two candidates when it comes to throne of Orzammar, others becoming Prince Bhelen. The Warden must elect to support one of these simple candidates during A Paragon of Her Kind.

If the Warden says they're going to help him, the initial task he provides Warden is A Lord's Trust: The First Task, where the Warden must combat within the Provings. After this, he wants Jarvia becoming eradicated. This is often done-by doing Entering Jarvia's Hideout.

House Harrowmont heraldry

  • If you choose to support Harrowmont, you will find later on in the epilogue that his reign had been troubled. By staying with the original dwarven ways, he further restricts rights through the lower castes while favoring the nobility, as well as further isolating Orzammar from the surface by limiting trade and declining outside military help beyond equipment and natural help resistant to the Darkspawn inside Deep roadways. In the following variety of rebellions, it really is uncovered that Harrowmont falls ill, likely as a result of poisoning, and dies.
  • If you choose to support Harrowmont and sided with Branka he uses the golems to put straight down Bhelen's rebellion and everyday lives. After several riots in Dust Town, he utilizes the golems to practically lower the area to rubble.H dumata 0 Branka says more "volunteers" are required in order to produce even more golems. Harrowmont refuses, however, and Branka starts raiding the top to capture hesitant people and elves. This causes a quick war with Ferelden, forcing Orzammar to close its gates to the surface, therefore separating the dwarves more than ever before.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

“Whatever we had been prior to, we are today the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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Harrowmont Crowned King: King Harrowmont makes substantial money supplying Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons' military with dwarven steel during the Orlesian Civil War. But a shortage of meals materials contributes to riots in Diamond Quarter during their reign.

If a world-state with a Dwarven Hero of Ferelden had been imported through the maintain, it really is overheard which he features stated the Paragon dead within will of Assembly.
  • "no body is born with liberties towards the throne. The sitting master may suggest a successor, nevertheless the Assembly eventually chooses that will rule."
  • "Your daddy made me personally swear on their deathbed you would not succeed him." (to Bhelen)
  • "I prefer to-be called an only and compassionate master. 'Strong' too often involves mean 'tyrannical.'"

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Codex entry: Lord Pyral Harrowmont Harrowmont's StaffStaff
Steel (Level 3)
Needs: 20 secret

Damage: 3.60 (Electrical Energy)

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