Dragon Age Origins Harrowmont


Final of His Line

Final of their Line is an Act 1 side quest in .


This pursuit is accessible if you have either imported a salvage from which Prince Bhelen ended up being granted the throne of Orzammar, or perhaps you load the pre-made history Martyr, which has equivalent condition. Lord Renvil Harrowmont are available in the Docks district of Kirkwall during the day.


As you come upon Lord Renvil Harrowmont along with his guards, they are assaulted by several Carta Thugs and a Carta Assassin. When you have beaten the potential assassins, Harrowmont asks you to help him clear the region of Carta users trying to assassinate him. From right here you've got the alternative of helping him out (which nets you several gold when you look at the mail), or switching on him when you meet up with the very first pair of Carta crooks.

If you decide to help Harrowmont, start proceeding toward the west side of the docks (toward the Shady vendor) and eliminate all Carta you notice. Normally, the initial group provides you with a choice of killing Harrowmont, but as you've decided to play great, eliminate all of them.

If you opt to assist the Carta in killing Harrowmont, head back to for which you spoke with Harrowmont and then he along with his guards will engage you on sight.

In the event that you made a decision to help Harrowmont, he eventually ends up escaping to Rivain. You will obtain a letter from him in Act 2.

If you chose to assist the Carta eliminate Harrowmont, then your entirety of residence Harrowmont dies with him.

Both results:

  • 50 XP (initial encounter)
  • 400 XP (quest conclusion)

Helping Harrowmont:

  • 400 XP for killing three Carta groups (100 + 100 + 200)
  • 1 (quest completion)
  • 5 (from a letter in Act 2):
Handcrafted Dwarven CuffsHeavy gloves
Needs: 22 energy
14 consitution

Armor: 33
+3 armor
Immunity to stun

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