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As a companion's approval increases (or decreases), their emotions towards Inquisitor may also change. At first, these are generally at "basic" upon joining. As approval changes, their greetings and dialogue can change slightly to mirror their particular relationship.

Friends begin at 0 when fulfilled or recruited (with the exception of Dorian, whoever beginning quantity is determinant). Without in-game indication of where a companion's existing endorsement lies, it's to the gamer maintain an eye on it. This also implies that it'll be hard for a person to find out a companion's existing approval score mid-game, though it can be approximately measured because of the changes in their particular greetings (see specific guides here for details).

Only the nine friends have approval rankings; the advisors cannot.

Commitment Amounts

  • Aggressive: -75 to -30
  • Cold: -29 to -5
  • Neutral: -4 to 34
  • Warm: 35 to 74
  • Friendly: 75 to 125

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