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Herd of Stone Halla

Herd of Stone Halla is a part pursuit in .

There is a veritable herd of halla statuettes spread all over Winter Palace. They shine a little too much to-be merely ornamental.


The pursuit becomes offered whenever any halla statuette is available.

Halla statuettes

Each Halla door needs a certain few Halla statuettes to be unlocked. Eleven statuettes are available in the palace, but only ten are required the quest. The readily available statuettes aren't enough to open up all Halla doors so determine early which endings and side quests could pursue as this will influence where you utilize them. One statue is necessary very early to open up the top of Garden Door to move the main quest forward.

The statuettes can be found in listed here places:

Palace Garden (starting location)

  • On a workbench from the patio within the stairs, over the Eastern Storage door.
  • Guest Wing Gardens

  • Near the top of the climbing lattice, change appropriate and appropriate again to get a Halla from the railing most of the way-down the balcony
  • Grand Apartments #1

  • Into the rafters of the cooking area. See notes below to learn more.

    The halla on the rafters.

  • Servant's Quarters Gardens # 1

  • Within the home gardens whenever you leave the kitchens. Take an immediate remaining and bear left toward southwest spot before you hop down and discover the body.
  • Servant's Quarters Gardens no. 2

  • In gardens, continue north through the lifeless emissary until a wall surface is achieved. Switch right, increase the stairs, along the walkway or over the ladder. Inside balcony space, there's a loot chest and a halla.
  • Trophy Place

    The balcony screen to leap to enter the sealed down area.

    Royal Quarters # 1

  • In a bed room on an-end dining table in front of a roaring fireplace (turn after you enter, very first room on right).
  • Royal Quarters no. 2

  • Sitting above a lion chest in the room where you rescue Briala's representative from the Harlequin.
  • Jardin de Reverie no. 1

  • Feel the door towards right, ignoring the rift sound, and leap in through the open screen which off to the right. Statuette is within the southwest corner of this space.
  • Jardin de Reverie #2

  • Decrease the stairs next to the home resulting in statue #10, and seek out the statue by the bookcase next to the stairs.
  • Halla doorways

    A Halla door.

    Halla doorways are observed in next places.

    Palace Outdoors

  • Eastern storage space room (initiating location)
  • Needs: One halla statuette
  • Accesses: Two common loot cardboard boxes.
  • Lower Garden Door

  • Guest Wing Gardens
  • Requires: Three halla statuettes
  • Accesses: the Fumeur including one Caprice money, a Red Jenny stash, three members of the council (Duke Cyril Montfort, Comte Lothaire Doucy and Comtesse Montbelliard) and two loot boxes including one with the Orlesian Banner. Varric is also discovered here if he accompanies the Inquisitor on palace.
  • Necessary to complete: Red Jenny's Stashes, Banners, and wasting Money
  • Balcony windowNote: The path through the Lower Garden Door is off-limits (hence the Inquisitor gradually manages to lose Court Approval) but the celebration area and the Fumeur beyond it is really not.

    Upper Garden Door

  • Guest Wing Gardens
  • Accesses: page from Gaspard to Celene regarding negotiations and something common loot field
  • Celene's Vault

  • Servants' Quarters and Grand Apartments (upper amount)
  • Empress's Exclusive Quarters

    Note: Companion endorsement are gained as follows: Note: The money is not accessed until the soldier has been freed. Releasing him awards legal Approval 10.

    Lower Royal Wing (Remaining home)

  • Royal Quarters
  • Needs: Five halla statuettes
  • Accesses: One loot field using possibility of an uncommon product and a Lightning RuneRune
    Adds electrical energy harm to each weapon strike

    +10 Electricity Harm

  • Lower Royal Wing (Correct home)

  • Royal Quarters
  • Accesses: One loot box aided by the potential for an uncommon item and an advanced Cooldown AmuletRare Amulet
    The cooldown for several abilities is shorter by the specified quantity.

    +10per cent Cooldown Modifier

  • Winter-Palace-Statuette-DoorOpening the Eastern Storage area and Lower Garden Door each yield:

  • 242 XP
  • 80 impact (no other doorways give any rewards)
  • Finding ten halla statuettes yields:

  • To enable the Inquisitor to possess accessibility more ending choices for Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, they have to gather at the very least eight halla statuettes and enter the Empress's personal Quarters when you look at the Royal Quarters therefore the Servants' Quarters and Grand Apartments (upper amount) where in actuality the elven locket is found.
  • So that you can reconcile Celene and Briala and total Red Jenny's Stashes the Inquisitor must spend seven halla statuettes. To be able to complete the primary quest one statuette must certanly be used on top of the outdoors Door after that three in the vault and three on Lower outdoors Door. This stops throwing out Money as well as the Great Blackmail search from being completed which will need another five statuettes (or twelve overall).
  • Being get together again Celene and Briala and full The Great Blackmail Hunt the Inquisitor must invest nine halla statuettes. So that you can complete the key quest one statuette needs to be allocated to top of the outdoors Door after that three regarding the vault and five regarding the Empress's exclusive quarters. This prevents Throwing Away Money and Red Jenny's Stashes from being completed which will require a further three statuettes (or twelve overall).
  • If Inquistor is not thinking about the elven locket and it is thinking about completing all the part quests, after that associated with the eleven halla:
  • one is used for the top of outdoors home
  • three for Lower Garden home, and
  • five for Empress's Private Quarters door.
  • This simply leaves just two halla left and there is only 1 home which needs two or fewer halla, the Palace outdoors home. Considering that the Inquisitor cannot return to that home after going into the primary gate, choose this home from the beginning to optimize the benefits using this method.
  • If the Inquisitor just isn't contemplating either the locket or even the side quests, one or each of the reduced wing doorways become readily available.
  • To obtain the Halla statuette and/or the codex entry The Servant's Quarters into the kitchen regarding the Servants' Quarters, do among:
  • Jump on the barrels when you look at the northeast spot and then onto the nearby beam and walk gradually across the rafters, that also nets the codex as you go along.
  • Hop on the edge of the table and on the candle holder on a single associated with the poles on either region of the table. This may also put the controlled character in range of the codex.
  • Jump from the table and pause in mid-air your assigned pause option and right-click them to pick it up, though this doesn't work if the managed personality is a dwarf.
  • Hop on the big red barrel and leap to the statuette while mashing the activity option.
  • On xbox 360 console, you need to understand which doors you want to start as if you collect all of the Hallas before locating the home it may not be available to start. a suggested method just isn't starting the very first door when you look at the Palace outdoors (initiating area), starting the entranceway over the Guest outdoors, activate the notification towards Lower Guest Garden Door and Palace Vault home, then gather the total amount necessary for each and available them (note this needs to be done in two visits prevent the bug from happening). Then get the Empress's personal Quarters, collect the very last staying Hallas and open that home.

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