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All Of That Keeps

All of that Remains is an Act 2 primary pursuit in, revolving across the disappearance of Hawke's mom, Leandra.


The pursuit begins when a troubled Gamlen turns up at the Hawke Estate.

Hawke Home

Visit your estate; Gamlen has arrived but Leandra is certainly not. She did not show up for weekly conference. Bodahn says she is together with her suitor having sent her some plants.

In the event that you simply tell him she actually is probably with her suitor he then is not convinced and makes to retrace her road from your own home to his.

After Gamlen actually leaves, Bodahn proposes trying to find her in Lowtown during the night.

Gallows Courtyard

In the event that you killed Gascard DuPuis through the Prime Suspect quest, or perhaps you let him get but informed Moira he fooled you, or that it is not too simple and easy then shared with her he's in Darktown, then you can report Leandra's disappearance to Moira in the Gallows Courtyard, though doing so does not have any enduring effect. During this discussion she will let you know that DuPuis has been performed because of the Templars. Otherwise you can tell Moira that Leandra is missing nonetheless it tends to make no difference between the pursuit.


If Gascard DuPuis is alive, available him in Darktown. He claims they can perform a ritual utilizing blood secret to just take you to definitely the killer.

In the event that you simply tell him to perform the ritual then you are transported into Dark Foundry; Gascard will come with your celebration through location. If Fenris or Anders come in the celebration they cannot object toward ritual (maybe reflecting the gravity associated with the scenario). If Sebastian is in the celebration then he disapproves Sebastian: rivalry (+5). In the event that you ignore Gascard's offer then your conversation finishes, however it is however possible to simply accept his provide by conversing with him once more. If Sebastian is in the celebration he then approves of your choice Sebastian: friendship (+5). If Merrill is within the celebration after that she disapproves Merrill: rivalry (+10).

Sandal bodahn gamlen all that stays Lowtown

Note: If Gascard DuPuis is dead (either killed by you and/or City Guard) then Gamlen becomes your only option.

Meet Gamlen in Lowtown through the night. Talk with the Urchin and either pay Varric: relationship (+5) or intimidate him Varric: rivalry (+5) to obtain information. After that follow the bloodstream trail to your Dark Foundry entry.

Black Foundry

Whenever you get to the foundry, follow the bloodstream path to a trapdoor.

The Killer's Lair

If Gascard DuPuis has been afterward you he will perhaps not interact on any battles until you get to the killer.

Note: Discover a complex secured chest (30 Cunning to start - 150 XP) in the lifestyle quarters.

At the conclusion of the following hall, a slice scene plays for which you confront the killer, Quentin, and see for yourself the annoying outcomes of his actions.

If Gascard has been afterward you he shows his ulterior motives and will betray both you and make the side of the killer in the future fight unless:

You are a diplomatic or hostile Hawke, then you definitely can chat him into working for you or intimidate him into aiding you.

During battle, the killer will summon swarms of abominations, Shades, and Undead, plus three possessed previous victims in the form of desire demons. You have to destroy these for him to lessen the shield he yields around himself. You won't be provided with time for you to loot the bodies after Quentin dies, so attempt to get it done during fight.

The shrine in Quentin's lair.

If Gascard DuPuis has been you in killer's lair for interviewing Quentin, he then is either killed by Varric ahead of the fight, he is killed by you throughout the battle, or you persuaded him to battle in your corner in which he survived. Unlocks Following the Qun while the Captain's Condolences, a partner pursuit. The Gloves regarding the Overseer, Gloves of Enasalin, or Stonehammer Gauntlets have been in an upper body in killer's lair, prior to the last encounter, dependent on Hawke's class. In the Killer's Lair there was a page into the killer from someone inside Circle of Magi, congratulating him on his discoveries and showing that journalist features placed specific publications on magic in a drop-off place for Quentin to have. The page is finalized "O." No matter what choice you choose above (with Gascard's assistance or without), there is no way to truly save your mom from her unfortunate fate. Before Leandra dies, she informs Hawke that she is proud of him/her. If a friend ended up being romanced, they are going to started to console you inside room on Estate excluding Sebastian. (This happens following the conversation with Gamlen) If no companions are romanced, Aveline will come saying she has heard the headlines which you know finding this lady. Nevertheless, The Captain's Condolences will initiate. Isabela highlights that at the least Hawke had a loving mama. She's going to attempt to console Hawke by telling all of them that the murderer will hurt no-one else, and states she thinks Leandra is happy. 1, 750 XP, and Tine (quest completion). In the event that you recruited Gascard in Darktown, in which he survives, it is possible to talk to him after in Darktown. Delivering Aveline or Fenris to interrogate him proves enlightening. Aveline is given inclination over Fenris, aside from friendship or romance standing. In the event that you allow him go and Isabela is in the celebration then Isabela: rivalry (+10). In the event that you eliminate him and Isabela is in the celebration after that Isabela: friendship (+10). If you're seeking the Supplier achievement, be sure to grab the Orichalcum in Killer's Lair. In the event that you bring both Aveline and Fenris, Aveline will take precedence for interrogating Gascard. The name of quest is a reference to the novel all of that Remains by Patricia Cornwell, also concerning the search for a serial killer.

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