For me, Extra Dog Slot is my

Dragon Age Dog mods

Four new skills for your puppy. First couple of of these tend to be passive, other individuals tend to be triggered. Also, puppy gets a talent every 2nd as opposed to every 3rd degree (this can work limited to levels your puppy will get following this addin ended up being set up).

This really is my first addon for Dragon Age, so forgive myself if anything's not working, I'm nonetheless mastering as I go.

Brand new skills tend to be as follows:

Endurance (passive):
The mabari has withstood a training of stamina and survival, gaining a plus to stamina.

Bond (passive):
The mabari has actually created a unique bond along with its master, getting an advantage to mental weight.

Frighten (activated):
Mabari lets out a frightening howl, pushing nearby opponents to cower in worry unless they go a mental resistance check.

Ferocious bite (activated):
Mabari will jump on its target and bite its neck. If the target is a living animal, it will perish immediately if of normal or smaller rank unless it passes a physical resistance check. Lieutenant-ranked enemies will suffer a critical hit, while boss-ranked enemies will require just standard damage. Also, all objectives who are able to bleed needs extra damage as time passes.

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