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Dragon Age 2 Mod Tools

There are numerous mods designed for DragenAge 2 which just can be used by activating the creator console and typing the demand: "runscript something". However every user knows this process so the following might present a quick guide for opening the designer console regarding various methods.

They are experiences gathered by people and should run the absolute most methods. Nevertheless for those who have trouble it is possible to require help in the Nexus Forums

Enable designer console on MAC OS X

To allow the system on the OS X variation you'll want to edit the Dragon Age 2 config file in
~/Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config
You can open it with TextEdit.

At the conclusion of the file, paste the next in:
"cmdlineadd" = "-enabledeveloperconsole"

Automagically, you should be capable open the console with the ` secret. If this does not work you are able to manually assign the keybind: open up
~/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/Settings/KeyBindings.ini
look for OpenConsole_0 and reassign the ` secret:

You need to be able to trigger the console using your ` or tilde key.

Updated on 5.11: Clarified keybindings

Enable creator system on standard house windows variation

To enable the console on house windows you initially need locate the DragonAge2.exe. Usually it really is under
C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe
If you setup the game into another folder seek out the file indeed there.

Today make a shortcut to your start telephone call for the online game. Typically it is found on your desktop computer or Start menu:

  • Right click on shortcut or menu entry
  • Click properties
  • Inside Target industry change the worth "C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\DragonAge2Launcher.exe" toward DragonAge2.exe you found before and add " -enabledeveloperconsole".
    It must now look something like this:
    C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe -enabledeveloperconsole
  • Accept

You could change this in Explorer -> Start selection -> your shortcut

The default enable key on Microsoft windows is ^ (grave). The important thing meaning is in your own personal folder, often
My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\Settings\KeyBindings.ini
if you prefer another secret than grave you must replace the price for OpenConsole_1:
(The OpenConsole_0 can be called Kanji.)

ps. From audience, make sure to get the shortcut from the DAO/DA2 Exec when you look at the bin_ship folder. Make sure when you look at the shortcut, to leave one room and only one room involving the exe" plus the -enabledeveloperconsole and indeed you'll need the - OK thus I'm dummy, but we made both these blunders more often than once, hope this helps.

Enable designer console on Steam variation

There is certainly another type of treatment on Steam variation. To allow the system you should do this:

  • Appropriate click on the "Dragon Age 2" alternative
  • Pick "Properties" under "My Games" tab
  • Inside "General" loss, select "Set Launch Options"
  • Enter "-enabledeveloperconsole" in there and accept
  • Follow anything else in the guide

Utilize the runscript command

The designer system is certainly not visible at this time and that means you are typing blind. You will see that the console happens to be activated if the game does not react on the mouse moves - this indicates becoming freezed.

Generally the mod authors give directions that which you need type in the console in file description or even the readme file. If there is no demand specified nevertheless the author would like you to utilize it, you need to ask him/her.

To start with strike the trigger/enable key (tilde or ` or ^ or what you may have actually altered).
Since you dont't see any such thing strike it 1-2 times.
Today hit the backspace secret 2-3 times to ensure the trigger/enable indication is erased.
From then on kind the runscript command the mod writer specified: runscript something
and struck enter.
If product ended up being added you will notice an email like "Things got: Some item".

If you do not fully grasp this message:

  • The overall game remains frozen: strike the backspace key about a 100 times, type the runscript demand again and also make sure that you do not miss some thing.

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