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setting up the Toolset

  • Install the video game. Ensure that Dragon Age is put in before dabbling in the toolset, since it hinges on the game's sources and engine, and should not function without them.
  • Create a merchant account. To be able to contribute to pages regarding the DA Builder Wiki or engage on the BioWare Social Network, you will have to develop an internet user account.
  • Grab the toolset. The Dragon Age toolset offers the same functionality utilized by BioWare to build the official promotion, and provides the energy and freedom generate your personal customized content and activities.

Starting the Toolset

How exactly to determine which component happens to be available
Try not to edit solitary athlete or Core sources with customized content!

Before utilising the Toolset, you will need to take note of what component the toolset has actually available. a component is a "container" in which online game sources tend to be stored in; you are going to only be able to begin to see the sources for currently open component (and any modules that it's marked as dependent on).Warning-information.png The standard component whenever first starting the Toolset could be the "Demo" component, which is an extremely small and simple component designed to show several common resource kinds in a fundamental pre-built adventure you could test out properly.

The primary Dragon Age: Origins campaign sources tend to be stored in a component named "Single athlete". If you are only beginning because of the toolset, it could be dangerous to modify these, as you could inadvertently corrupt your primary campaign. Take care whenever checking out to not modify any one of those sources without knowing what you are doing.

The first basic steps inside Toolset will probably be to produce yours component. The actual only real feasible type of Module is "Addin", but note that this name is significantly deceptive; you are able to have "standalone addins" being entirely individual from any other component (for instance the main promotion).

Using the Toolset

As explained in review connected to above, the overall game utilizes a wide variety of resource kinds. A "resource" is something as you are able to create, particularly a script or a creature, and you will often need to combine many different resources together to achieve a specific design objective. The toolset contains numerous separate tools for working with these different types of resources. These tools are well-discussed independently.

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