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Dragons of a new Age

Cover Art Dragons of a brand new Age Vol 1 Sep 1996
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The gods have remaining the world, and people must combat the latest Great Dragon overlords alone. But since this dawning age brings brand new danger into the face of Krynn, courageous brand new heroes rise to handle them.

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Volume 1

The Dawning of a unique Age

Jean Rabe

Re-released with
new address art
June 2002

The Chaos War has ended.
Secret has gone away…
Or has actually it?

The gods have actually vanished, and miraculous wanes from Krynn. This is the age Mortals, but in addition the Age of Dragons, more massive and powerful than just about any seen before. These are typically devastating villages, enslaving folks, and saying become the overlords of Ansalon. The War of Lance was just a rehearsal, the War Against Chaos only a skirmish. The War associated with the Dragons is imminent.

Goldmoon, last for the initial friends, is not prepared to surrender, and searches for brand new heroes to challenge the overlords. One troubled man answers her call.

Cover Art Dragons of a Age Vol 2 Aug 1997The Dawning of an innovative new Age presents another age of fantastical activities within the globally best-selling DRAGONLANCE® Saga.

Re-released with
new address art
Aug 2002

Amount 2

Your day for the Tempest

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The great dragon overlords threaten to enslave Krynn. They have magically altered the land, sculpting domain names to suit their particular nasty moods, and today obtained started to amass armies of dragons, humanoids, and spawn. Even the once-proud Knights of Takhisis tend to be joining the ranks and getting ready to hit contrary to the citizens of Ansalon.

This will be Krynn's darkest hour.

But a small number of people refuses to surrender. Spurred on because of the famous sorcerer Palin Majere, and equipped with a historical dragonlance, they dare to stand as much as the overlords. It may possibly be their particular last act of courage.

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Amount 3

The Eve associated with Maelstrom

Re-released with
brand-new cover art
Nov 2002

The 2 most effective dragon overlords conflict in a showdown for ultimate rule over Ansalon!

Malystryx and Khellendros have long held it's place in collusion, but once the dragons develop in size and strength, so do their egos and their particular thirst for power. The Blue Dragon plots against Malys in a bid for prominence across various other dragon overlords along with her fury at their betrayal is as massive and fiery as she.

The heroes of a age have actually their scheming doing because becomes clear the energy for the heart enables them battle against the dragons that have so completely devastated their particular homeland. But can strength of spirit - pure feelings and faith - ever before prevail over natural energy and dimensions?

Both the struggle between evil dragon overlords additionally the fight for Good arrive at the fore once the first epic trilogy associated with FIFTH AGE™ comes to a conclusion.

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