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Found: The Korcari Wilds

Course: Warrior (Templar)

Alistiar could be the first character that joins you in Dragon Age. No genuine searching required. Simply follow the quest Duncan gives you after your source story and you'll find him arguing with a mage. He will join both you and one other initiates as you head out in to the Korcari Wilds. This gregarious Templar will likely be an excellent celebration user early and may supply adequate assistance for just about any associated with the first quests.


Course: Mage (Shapeshifter)

Another an easy task to make personality, Morrigan will be offered to you as a partner by Flemeth after the fight contrary to the Blight. Merely stay courteous to both mommy and daughter and you'll find this dragon age companion simple.

Morrigan is a strong spell caster. She does not focus on any healing abilities which could become a major barrier. But her very early set of skills is diverse and perfect for working damage.

Your Pet

Found: Origin Castle (peoples nobles) Korcari Wilds (others)

Course: Puppy

This unique party user is strictly what he seems: a great war puppy. Humans will get this party user in early stages as an element of their particular pursuit. Other individuals will have to guarantee they are doing the correct quest before preforming The Joining and becoming the state Grey Warden.

Before moving out to the Korcari Wilds, make sure you speak with the Kennel Master. He is a little ways away from the gate. He'll require a flower found in the woodland beyond to greatly help heal a wounded hound. This flower is easy to get. PC gamers can take the loss secret down to believe it is very nearly straight away upon leaving.

Warning: BE SURE to turn the quest in before doing the joining to ensure that you obtain the puppy (which you are able to name what you may be sure to). He can become readily available as a celebration user following the great battle. Avoid being afraid if you don't straight away see him. He can come bounding up as a side scene when you try to keep.


Discovered: Lothering (Tavern)

Class: Rogue (Bard)

Once you go into the tavern close to the farmer's industries when you look at the trade city of Lothering, Leliana will immediately you will need to intercede in your stead after a team of warriors try to fight your player. Agree to simply take the girl on with you to incorporate her to your party. Easy!

Leliana could be the very first rogue group user you can add in Dragon Age. In the event your very own character is certainly not a rogue, this woman is essential for lockpicking and trapfinding abilities if your wanting to look for additional options.

WARNING: Leliana is specially pious and immoral behavior may cause the lady to go out of the party.


Found: Lothering (Caged)

Class: Warrior

This taciturn warrior focuses primarily on powerful two-handed swords. He is able to be found in south area of Lothering, caged. Speak with him to get that he is being held for crimes because of the Merciful mom. She can be found into the Chantry chapel close to the entrance.

Characters with a silver-tongue can convince the girl to let him free. But the simplest road to success should merely request Sten be freed with Leliana within party. She's going to persuade the priestess to free Sten.


Found: Honnleath

Course: Golem

Shale is just open to people that have activated the rock Prisoner DLC.

By doing the pursuit and making use of the golem control rod, players can trigger this huge warrior. Surprisingly sassy for a construct, he is one of the more effective actual fighters in online game. People without the DLC shouldn't expect you'll find him in online game.


Found: Mage Circle

Course: Mage (Spirt Healer)

An invaluable party member, until discover a mage with accessibility healing, this woman is the most crucial figures discover in Dragon Age. She's simple adequate to fulfill. Just visit the Mage Circle in order to find her protecting the kids at the conclusion of the long hallway.

WARNING: be cautious if you have Morrigan inside celebration. This woman is an illegal mage and in case your player character chooses to sympathize together with her commentary from the Circle's guidelines, Wynne will strike the celebration during the woman recruitment conversation.


Discovered: The Deep Roadways

Class: Warrior (Berserker)

Before you bring Oghren into the celebration, you have to very first finish the king-making pursuit in Orzammar. As soon as you're prepared set off onto the Deep Roads, he can provide to participate you on your own quest. Until after that, he'll not be offered as a celebration member.

A powerful warrior, he can teach your whole warriors how to become a Berserker.


Found: Random Road Encounter (after doing various initiating quests)

Course: Rogue (Assassin)

You'll understand you're near to acquiring Zevran as an event user whenever there are periodic cut scenes showing him being hired to destroy your player personality. In the course of time, while traversing the chart, your party becomes tangled up in a random encounter. Zevran and his musical organization of rogues will attack you.

Following the battle, there is the choice of killing him or talking to him about their life. Engage him in discussion and he will offer you to join you on your pursuit. Consent and he'll come-along.

WARNING: if you wish to keep Zevran, get him to truly like you as fast as possible. Otherwise, he might be convinced to betray you by their former employers.


Found: Denerim Landsmeet

Class: Warrior (Champion)

Once your antagonist, when he's defeated you'll insist he join the gray Wardens without execute him. Should you choose, he can join your party as a robust and impressive warrior. However, his violence and treasonous techniques may well not earn your the benefit of your loyal party users.

WARNING: Recruiting Loghain can lead to Alistair completely leaving the celebration regardless of what. It really is impossible to own both of them on a single staff. Choose one.

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