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Dragon Age 2 A Bitter Pill

A Bitter Supplement

A Bitter Pill is an Act 2 companion search for Fenris in . This quest becomes offered whenever Act 2 begins.


Making Kirkwall with Fenris in your party and headed towards the external areas in Act 2 will trigger an ambush by slavers and begin the quest. You don't have to-do the partner quest, talk with Fenris, in order to trigger the function. But performing the partner pursuit before A Bitter Pill may hinder romancing Fenris. Sometimes, the quest will simply trigger in the event that you visit Sundermount with Fenris in place of another outside location.


If the slavers hold your path, a quick discussion will start.

"He's maybe not a servant!"

"let us exercise a package."

"Die, slaver!"

  • No change in friendship/rivalry

The dialogue will end regardless with Fenris shouting enraged that he's not a slave, additionally the combat begins. After you kill them another dialogue with Fenris begins.

"We pursue them."

Note: There is no endorsement change in the 1.00 variation.

"and from now on they are lifeless."

  • Isabela: rivalry (+5)

"relax, Fenris."

  • Fenris: rivalry (+5)

Fenris will then state the he must go after Hadriana, Danarius's apprentice and also the person who sent the slavers to ambush Fenris.

"You're correct."

  • Fenris: relationship (+5)

"Not today."

  • Fenris: rivalry (+10)

Note: you can expect to nevertheless get this quest even though it is rejected now. Fenris won't such as the notion of placing this off, but will continue to be inside party.

2nd Ambush (recommended)

Unless you go to the Holding Caves straight away, you can easily force an encounter with Tevinter Mages, Slavers, Corpses, and an Arcane Horror for a sizable experience gain (830 XP from battle and 250 XP from disarming the traps). To trigger this encounter check-out Hightown market throughout the day, instantly "Leave the location, " switch to nighttime, and reenter the Hightown marketplace. An ambush will happen at this time with dialogue. There are 4 traps: the initial pitfall in the bottom associated with the stairs is Standard (20 cunning to identify and disarm - 100 XP) and various other three tend to be Simple (10 cunning to identify and disarm - 50 XP/trap).

  • In the event that you pick the entertaining choice after that Fenris: rivalry (+5).
  • In the event that you select the hostile alternative after that Fenris: rivalry (+15).

He'll after that give Hawke an ultimatum: go to the caverns with him now, or he passes himself. It doesn't matter what decision is made Fenris: rivalry (+5).

If Hawke decides to choose Fenris, the existing celebration will automatically go to the keeping caves when you leave the region.

If Hawke chooses to allow Fenris go alone, Fenris leaves the celebration permanently additionally the quest ends. The holding caves can still be checked out at this stage, nevertheless resulting views and quest tend to be bugged. The pursuit remains updated in journal, but it's constantly listed as complete. For the most part components the quest goes on as regular; even Fenris may be heard, despite being missing, in a few moments. You may not, however, gain or lose approval with Fenris, and he will not come-back.

Look at the brand new area on chart beyond Kirkwall. You will have several sets of slavers; they must be an easy task to sign up for (2 groups - 250 XP and 460 XP). There is Embrium to collect near the entry of location and a Glitterdust deposit also close to the entry of this cave, along side two chests - a standard one (20 cunning to open - 100 XP), and a complex one (30 cunning to start - 150 XP). Before you decide to go into the Abandoned Slaver Den, Fenris will begin a dialogue.

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