Qunari Facial Designs In DAI

Dragon Age 2 Arishok respect

A Worthy RivalA Worthy Rival is an achievement in, which is obtained by earning the Arishok's respect during Act 2. Each action below earns a respect "point" towards the achievement.

  • Following the quest, informing the Arishok in regards to the fatalities of his envoys (he responds respectfully whether you blame the zealots or not).

During primary pursuit Demands of this Qun:

  • In the event that you did the goal To capture a Thief, informing him about Isabela's involvement when fulfilling him alongside Aveline.
  • Agreeing together with axioms throughout the dialogue at ingredient during Demands for the Qun - ratting out Isabela, saying the elves had been right in their vigilante justice, as soon as he asks you what you should do, telling him you had have them versus switch them over. (Do note this can annoy Aveline. For the ambiguous method on whether Aveline or even the Arishok is appropriate, the success will nevertheless unlock as long as you do the remainder.)

Unlocking Accomplishment

Making at the least four "points" unlocks extra discussion when later on confronting him within Keep - Hawke is announced becoming "basalit-an, " a name bestowed upon those few non-Qunari people who are nonetheless deemed by Qunari to-be worth respect. Making the accomplishment needs five. Each bullet point on record above represents one "point" is earned.

  • The accomplishment should unlock right after obtaining the fifth value "point".
  • Receiving this alters Tallis' discussion when captured with Hawke in Mark of the Assassin: "If there's anybody a Qunari would or should consider probably for assistance, it really is you."

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