After encountering the

Dragon Age 2 Blackpowder promise


After doing the pursuit Long Way Residence, the very next time you leave Kirkwall for the complimentary Marches, you really need to wind up at dead-man's Pass. While you explore the region, you will encounter a dwarven vendor named Javaris Tintop fighting off some huge spiders (# 1). After helping him to endure the encounter, Javaris will provide you with this pursuit.


Javaris will confide in you your qunari have an explosive dust that everyone can make use of - "and it is simply dirt, no lyrium, no demons." He'll then let you know the Arishok doesn't appear thinking about selling the meal when it comes to powder, but when a person - such as for instance you - had been to beat the Tal-Vashoth within Wounded Coast, then maybe the Arishok will be so grateful he'd change their brain. No real matter what you say to Javaris, might consent to assist him aside.

Note: the way you respond to Javaris can provide you some friendship or rivalry things. In the event that you require money, then you'll definitely gain rivalry with Aveline but friendship with Isabela; if you tell Javaris that their plan is poor, then you'll definitely get rivalry with Carver; while you mention the task would be like searching outlaws, then you'll gain relationship with Aveline and Isabela.

Another Note: as you won't be permitted to go back to Dead Man's Pass after leaving it, make sure to get the embrium (number 2) plus the palace treatise (number 3) before going to the exit.

In the Wounded Coast, you will probably experience countless enemies, including some groups of Tal-Vashoth, but absolutely nothing will happen inside quest before you reach the western side of the area. At that point (# 4), might fulfill a Tal-Vashoth mercenary who will warn you towards Tal-Vashoth forward - and then he'll even ask you to eliminate all of them, simply because they cling into Qun and murder and take. If you have already been taking the intense dialogue position along with your character, assuming you do so again with all the mercenary, then you'll definitely have the ability to persuade him to help you combat the Tal-Vashoth chief (#5). With any other discussion choices (including wanting to hire him) the mercenary will only leave.

After dark mercenary you are going to experience groups Tal-Vashoth warriors, and after that you'll arrived at the Tal-Vashoth Cavern (Exit A), in which you'll experience much more warriors. In the course of time you are going to visited the Tal-Vashoth chief (#5), and you'll launch an important battle with the Tal-Vashoth. This fight can be hard due to the design associated with the cavern - you will most probably end up getting companions and enemies everywhere - and so we'd suggest retreating right back how you emerged, and beating the Tal-Vashoth within the tunnels. However if you are doing remain and combat, you then should take out the Tal-Vashoth Saarebas once it appears (inside 2nd revolution), otherwise its location effect means might decimate your celebration. After the fight, you will discover the recipe for Combustion Grenades on corpse associated with the leader.

After defeating the Tal-Vashoth, when you go the Qunari substance at the Docks, you'll be able to inform Javaris you've completed their task. However, the Arishok defintely won't be impressed by your actions, in which he won't provide Javaris the dish for qunari explosive powder. You are going to then have 3 ways to perform the quest:

  • If you tell Javaris he should leave, he then'll fire you and you may not get any type of reward.
  • In the event that you tell the Arishok that Javaris nonetheless owes you, then you'll definitely receive 3 sovereigns and 400 xp.
  • In the event that you tell the Arishok that Javaris guaranteed you future profits, then you'll obtain 4 sovereigns and 400 xp.

After doing the pursuit, you will be allowed to stay static in the ingredient and possess a conversation aided by the Arishok. This conversation can teach you a bit concerning the qunari, also why the Arishok does not believe most of Kirkwall.

Note: when you have Fenris to you for ending up in the Arishok, then you'll definitely gain some extra dialogue options. For those who have Isabela with you when you check out the conference, then she will leave your celebration in place of go into the qunari mixture, however you will be capable of getting the lady straight back after completing the pursuit.

1- Javaris

2 - Embrium

3 - Castle Treatise

On the ground right here you will find a palace treatise that may trigger the pursuit "Castle Treatise and House Accounting" once you choose it up. To complete the pursuit, you will should just deliver the treatise to the Traditionalist Envoy in Hightown. When you do, might receive 50 silvers and 250 xp.

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