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Dragon Age 2 Champion armour


Mine Massacre

Mine Massacre is an Act 3 additional quest in .

During the Bone Pit increased dragon has damaged the mines and slaughtered the miners. It really is around Hawke to slay the monster to make the area safe.


Once you achieve Act 3, consult with Hubert in Hightown's marketplace during the day. Additionally, it is possible to bypass the discussion and go right to the bone tissue Pit right.


Hubert informs you of trouble on mines which you co-own with him. Whenever you reach the pit, you will find the camp in flaming ruins and males all lifeless. Stick to the first road in the to the large open location when you look at the south. Before you get to both pillars guarding the entrance toward area, the cutscene for the high dragon attacking the celebration begins.

Loot through the high dragon includes:

Based Hawke's class, the chestpiece regarding the Mantle for the Champion:

After the fight, come back to Hubert to see him that the guys and gear had been destroyed because of the dragon. Choices inside conversation do not have impact on experience, friend friendship/rivalry, or any other outcomes.

  • 1500 XP (the fight)
  • 1500 XP (quest conclusion from Hubert)

The high dragon is slain. Hawke can take control over the mines from Hubert (it's no impact in the game).

  • If you go straight to the Bone Pit and battle the dragon without talking with Hubert, he can never be marked by a quest marker. However, if you talk to him, the pursuit is finished.
  • pcxbox360 often, once the large dragon is killed, its human body will show up becoming unlootable. The loot point can spawn from its body and, if you search the battlefield utilizing targeting (pc[TAB] / xbox360[LT]) available the loot point marked as "tall Dragon" drifting on empty floor.
  • pc It is possible for a rogue to utilize Vendetta to attack the dragon while perched from the cliff. But the rogue will be stuck here.
  • pcps3xbox360 1.04 The dragon could get trapped once you clear a wave of Dragonlings. You'll not have the ability to target it, and the dragon will always be from the ledge and just utilize its fire spit. It may be possible locate a location in which the targeting works. The dragon should come down after becoming attacked, therefore the battle will stay as regular.
  • xbox360ps3 When beating the dragon, the cutscene for which it's slain may show Hawke beating an invisible entity.
  • xbox360 The dragon may not have the chestpiece for regarding the classes.[confirmation needed]
  • xbox360 The success for "Slaying a top Dragon" may not unlock.[]
  • xbox360 Sometimes the dragon may drop all three variations associated with the Mantle associated with the Champion chestpiece, no matter class.

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