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Dragon Age 2 Class Specializations

The course various other games, see Warrior (Origins) and Warrior (Inquisition).

The warrior is regarded as three playable courses in . The warrior battles at the front end plus heat of struggle, absorbing the brunt of enemy assaults in the place of less durable ranged fighters, like many rogues and mages. In the interests of working optimum harm and maintaining the eye of opponents, warriors themselves depend on melee combat, maybe not ranged weapons. Warriors draw from endurance for capabilities and effective attacks that damage and impede opponents.


Probably the most real of this classes in Dragon Age II, a warrior are at his / her most useful when surrounded by enemies, keeping their particular attention with powerful swings while allies wreak havoc in general safety.

In the middle of a warrior's combat design may be the range of weapons. Staunch defenders will gravitate to combining one handed weapons (be it axe, mace or knife) with a shield, taking advantage of the excess defense provided by interposing a wall of wood or metal between on their own and their particular enemies. Much more offensive warriors gravitate to the larger two-handed weapons like the great blade or maul. What they give up in protection, they generate up for in damage potential, as the great arcs of their blades can simply hit numerous foes simultaneously.

Warriors are not as constrained around their weapon option because they were previously, nevertheless. Numerous their particular abilities tend to be weapon-agnostic, like the spectacular Pommel Strike. Numerous offensive and protective stances -such as may, Control and change the Blade- could be presumed aside from gun, and with regards to the needs of the current encounter. Warriors are also really the only course that will definitely gain the hate of numerous foes at a time, controlling the circulation of struggle and keeping their particular more fragile teammates alive.



  • Life is power. Blood Mages understand this, but they are not truly the only ones. Warriors may also demand the vitality that flows through blood and bone, but it is not a simple course. The Reaver specialization positions discomfort for strength in a consistent balance of selfish sacrifice. Initially it seems that Reavers are doing the work of the enemies, damaging themselves in gruesome style. But Reavers can transform their particular living essence into raw damage, and then renew that wellness by stealing living from their particular enemies. It's a dangerous gamble that really matters in added strength to destroy enemies before incoming assaults or even the Reavers' own abilities eliminate all of them. At its best, the Reaver expertise causes a brutal balance. The closer they are with their own deaths, the more efficient they have been at inflicting the same on others.


  • It can take incredible focus to wield secret, but even greater will to endure it. The Templar expertise started in the Chantry because of the organization of this order, and their mandate continues to be the limitation and containment of mages. However the capabilities Templars demand are not divine; they are the item of intense education and rigorous devotions. They are achievable by any warrior, although the control needed might appear just as much a calling. Templars cannot only withstand miraculous, they deny it, and deny other people employing it. In the level of ability, a Templar merely shrugs off many side effects, and may totally suppress a mage's power to cast. They're warriors of single focus, and not one can match their particular dedication or effectiveness at taming those that would abuse the magical energies regarding the Fade.


  • All warriors demand respect, although Berserker is an unrelenting actual force. The name of this specialization reveals rage, risk-taking, and that is undoubtedly element of its effectiveness, however it is a grave error to suggest that the Berserker is sloppy or undisciplined. It requires an unbelievable level of control to learn when you should drop control. Battle momentum is the key: locating the stability between complete dedication and over expanding. The Berserker controls the speed of fight, setting a standard that the opponent cannot match. In turn, they can be sustained because of the mayhem they produce, and discover brand new energy in almost every dropped foe. While they remain, while stamina remains, they have no match, however they dislike back and let battle unfold. For Berserker, struggle constantly ends in glory, winnings or drop.

Weapon and Shield

  • Warriors which focus on the shields trade damage for security. Attacks made with one-handed tools hit an inferior arc than two-handed weapons, although guard people have the perfect tool at hand for slamming enemies round the battleground.


  • Warriors who wield two-handed weapons can enjoy tremendous damage through broad arcs of opponent skin, while they forgo the safety great things about a shield.


  • Whenever fighting solamente, a battlemaster is an effectual killing device. Whenever fighting alongside allies, the warrior becomes a practiced frontrunner who are able to rally others to show the tide of combat.


  • Defenders focus on survivability, taking every little thing the adversary tosses at all of them and walking away unscathed.


  • A vanguard thinks that a great offense is the greatest protection. Their effective strikes tend to be coordinated with ruthless strategy.


  • The warmonger is a confident adversary, well-versed in taunting foes, cutting through all of them, and giving them into the soil in a bloody heap. Warmongers are experts in controlling adversary violence, possessing capabilities that draw foes toward them and that, through stun effects, trigger opponents to forget just who they were fighting.

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