Bait and Switch (quest)

Dragon Age 2 Fenris approval


Questioning Beliefs

Questioning Beliefs is an Act 2 friend search for Fenris in .


The quest becomes offered by 50per cent friendship or rivalry.


  • When you begin Act 2, you should have both this pursuit and Speak to Fenris active if quantity of approval is high enough. Could always complete talk to Fenris initially. After completing that quest, Questioning Beliefs will trigger the very next time you keep in touch with him.
  • Walkthrough

    Fenris tells the storyline of his getting away from Danarius. Playing their tale and picking only diplomatic or flirt (or sarcastic, verified on PC 1.04) answers nets Fenris: friendship (+15) or Fenris: rivalry (+15).

    Note: If Hawke is planning on romancing Fenris, this pursuit is an essential requirement. Also, you simply can't romance Fenris if you're currently in a relationship or if you've flirted with others in their "Questioning Beliefs" pursuit without ending it. Occasionally, any previous relationship will avoid a romance with Fenris.

    Note: The intimate choices in this discussion tend to be exactly what begin the romance commitment and give the Flirtatious achievement (perhaps not the conversation in a sour tablet).

    Note: finishing this pursuit before A Bitter supplement results in the possibility to sleep with Fenris as he comes to your home to apologize for his activities in A Bitter Pill. Additionally, you see Fenris' lyrium tattoos glow in cutscene. Completing this pursuit after "A Bitter Pill" leads to Fenris propositioning you at your property the next time you return house.

    Possibility 1

  • Research "you wish to discuss it now?"
  • Flirt "let me know anything you like."
  • "Then go ahead."
  • "certainly not./Not interested." Lets you perform some pursuit at another time.
  • Option 2

  • Diplomatic "He abandoned you?"
  • Funny "appears like fun."
  • Aggressive "So it was not your preference."
  • Choice 3

  • Diplomatic "did you not wish to leave?"
  • Humorous "I can see where this really is going."
  • Aggressive "and you also declined to go."
  • Possibility 4

  • Diplomatic "What? The Reason Why?"
  • Funny "Old practices die hard?"
  • Aggressive "a great deal for freedom."
  • Possibility 5

  • Investigate
  • "You did not stay in Seheron?"
  • "the reason why did you not keep early in the day?"
  • "You regretted killing all of them?"
  • "just how did you get away?"
  • Diplomatic "thank-you for informing myself."
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