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Dragon Age 2 Isabela romance


Isabela will complete a card online game with Merrill and speak to you about her outlook for you so far. You're getting three discussion choices, with the very first and third each obtaining the standard Good/Witty/Angry options for responses. The next one, but have a Flirt alternative because the middle option. Note that flirting with Isabela here can initiate a romance.


In a friendship, Isabela will invite Hawke to sit, purchasing the Hanged Man's most useful whiskey for him/her.

  • Diplomatic: "thank-you."
  • Humorous: "that isn't all."
  • Aggressive: "Save your money."

She'll after that comment on exactly how she thought she may need to watch herself around Hawke, but they're okay.

  • Diplomatic: "How so?"
  • Flirt: "Just fine?"
  • Aggressive: "I do not need your endorsement."

Eventually, she's going to talk about how if you were section of her staff, she'dn't have gotten shipwrecked.

  • Diplomatic: "It all worked out."
  • Funny: "i mightn't wager about it."
  • Aggressive: "cannot dwell regarding last."


Under a Rivalry, Isabela are so much more catty and wonder the reason why Hawke is seeing her, snarking that there surely is a "burning orphanage saturated in kiddies to save."

  • Diplomatic: "Is there?"
  • Humorous: "Of course!"
  • Aggressive: "No."

She'll speak about Hawke lacking the joke, and says that he or she needs to learn to enjoy like this lady.

  • Diplomatic: "lifestyle's not all fun and games."
  • Funny: "I enjoy life alright."
  • Aggressive: "i am perhaps not you."

Finally, she'll suggest that "We're perhaps not in charge of anyone but ourselves. You are able to decide to get no-cost, or you can choose to be saddled with all the current world's dilemmas."

  • 1: "you are not free."
  • 2: "Helping other individuals benefits me personally."
  • 3: "aiding other people is fulfilling."

Aside from your option, she will dismiss your rationale, closing with, "we are done right here. Conversing with you is exhausting, and not much enjoyable."

When you yourself have a relationship with Isabela then in the very first dialogue option in the event that you select diplomatic or humorous option Isabela: relationship (+20), and Isabela: friendship (+10) in the event that you pick the aggressive alternative (it does not matter what you choose on the 2nd and 3rd dialogue choices).

When you have a rivalry with Isabela, selecting either the funny or intense choices for the first 2 steps will net Isabela: rivalry (+15). The last action doesn't may actually have any effect.

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