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The Vaults

The Vaults beneath Chateau Haine are an extensive repository for substantial availability of valuables amassed because of the Montfort household. The Vaults tend to be house to not only an enormous selections of jewels and similar valuables but in addition uncommon armors and weapons, which tend to be guarded by a complex group of traps and hair.

Map of location


Heart of the Many The Du Lac Sign, if Aveline is in the group Pirates and their Curses, if Isabela is in the team


Mark of The Assassin - Puzzle Paintings

There are three puzzles in the vaults, and resolving one extinguishes the curtain of fire that surrounds the centerpiece associated with vault. All three puzzles need two parts; the first ever to solve a puzzle in just one of along side it passages which nets some prize also an idea to resolve the next part.

When a problem has-been dealt with, the framed black painting for the reason that location will fill with an inquisitive image of guys, some masked, some not. This clue helps Hawke fix the second component. When Hawke flips the floor panels in the primary vault to fit the design uncovered into the paintings within the adjacent corridors, the valves feeding the flames shut down, leaving the gem they protect, pieces of the class-specific Messenger, Orlesian Lancer, and Enchanter Illana armor sets available.

Vault's Prosper's Portrait option

The first two puzzles present Hawke with a tool as well as 2 runes of various colors. Doors corresponding to those runes will only start while Hawke is affected by the rune of the identical shade. Two associated with the colors, blue and purple, is combined regarding the device by pressing 1st color, then your machine, then touching the 2nd shade, then the machine, after that holding the ensuing rune it produces before starting the doorway. Before getting access to among final colors necessary to mix the ultimate shade, a Rune Golem will challenge the party and needs to be destroyed.

The 3rd problem seems to be a structure of floor tiles that flip along with their adjacent neighbors, to reveal a portrait of Prosper, evidently inside the younger times. As the tiles flip their particular next-door neighbors, and one tile might afflicted with at the least two other individuals, they need to be flipped in a pattern to show the entire portrait.

Fixing the final problem inside vault shuts off the staying fire and reveals an upper body containing the Coat regarding the Messenger, Orlesian Lancer Armor, additionally the Robes of Enchanter Illana doing the set. (Armor determined by Class)

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